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About Advocacy

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KASB Advocacy Services is a respected source for the viewpoint of members of Kansas boards of education when issues of broad public policy are being considered. The KASB advocacy staff works with the Governor’s office, Kansas Legislature, Kansas State Department of Education, Kansas State Board of Education, Kansas Board of Regents, Kansas congressional delegation and others on matters of concern for public education. Advocacy activities include:

  • Testimony at hearings.
  • Daily contact with legislators during the Legislative Session.
  • Daily monitoring of the Legislative Session.
  • Drafting bills and amendments to bills.
  • Cooperation with other education groups and other advocacy groups on matters of mutual interest.
  • Issue papers on hot topics.
  • Online updating of education legislation status.
  • Online links to legislators and Kansas State Board of Education members.
  • Posting of KASB testimony on education issues.

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