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Legal Services

Legal Services - Experts in Education Law Ready to Serve Our Members

The KASB legal team represents one of the nation's strongest concentrations of knowledge on educational law and policy. Our Legal Services are offered by attorneys with extensive experience supporting school district boards and staff as they navigate even the most complicated legal situations. Members of our legal assistance fund gain exclusive and robust legal support, from negotiation training to Title IX investigations.


Legal Services Provides Specialize Assistance for Legal Assistance Fund Members Such as...
  • Sample language for negotiated agreement;
  • Personalized Review of master contract and assistance with March 31 notice letter;
  • Review of proposals;
  • Strategy recommendations;
  • Research;
  • Chief negotiator services;
  • Onsite representation as part of the board team;
  • Onsite training for board teams; and
  • Consultation with the full board before development of March 31 notice letter (executive session by phone or onsite).

Legal Services Offers...

  • Legal Training

    KASB’s negotiations training is conducted by experienced KASB legal staff who are also professional negotiators. All training includes the following outcomes:

    • Mandatory and permissive negotiation topics;
    • Impasse procedures;
    • Strategies for boards;
    • How to negotiate salaries;
    • Recommended contract language; and
    • Depending on the length of training, additional content and support provided.
    Legal Services Provides the Following Training:
    • Title IX
    • Disability Services
    • Student Discipline
    • Constitutional Law
    • HR Academy
  • Negotiations

    KASB Legal Staff provides generalized training in negotiations to all members. In addition, a wide range of legal support is available to members of the KASB Legal Assistance Fund. This full service starts with negotiation preparation and concludes with the drafting of the final agreement.

    Recent changes made to the Professional Negotiations Act require yearly training for those selected to represent the local board and the professional employees’ organization. Beginning in January three levels of training are offered that meet these requirements. KASB staff will also conduct onsite training, either for individual teams or for several teams in your area/region.

    Labor Relations

    Labor relations can be influenced by federal and state laws, regulations, court decisions, board policy, negotiated agreements and district customs and practices. KASB provides services and information to assist boards in developing sound labor-management practices. This includes:

    • Conducting negotiations: impasse procedures, representation at hearings, contract analysis, telephone inquiry and research data
    • Hiring and employment interviews.
    • Job descriptions, evaluations, and terminations.
    • Prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment claims.
    Legal Services Provides the Following Services in Negotiation & Labor Relations Support:
    • Negotiation Training
    • Negotiation Practicums
    • Representation During Negotiations
    • Sample Documents/Resources
    • Hiring/Practice Best Practices
  • KASB Policy Services

    KASB’s Policy Service focuses on ensuring district policies are not only legally compliant with state and federal laws and regulations but also implement what is considered best practice for school boards and districts. Policies are invaluable for establishing direction and providing oversight. Misunderstanding of district policy may leave your school system and staff exposed.

    Policy Services Include the Following:
    • Annual Policy Updates
    • Policy Reviews
    • New Annual Policy Service
    • New Automated Policy Service

    Learn More about Policy Services

  • On-Call Support

    KASB Legal Services Proudly Provides On-Call Legal Support for your District Should Any of the Following Events Occur:
    • Attorney-on-call for board meetings
    • Student Discipline Support
    • Employee Relations
    • Crisis Response