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District Showcase

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Your District. Your Programs. Your Success.


Applications open August 14, 2023

Event Vision

The KASB District Showcase is designed to display your learners' best quality of work. This opportunity allows KASB member districts to highlight a particularly strong or unique program. Kansas has a wide array of district sizes, district cultures, and unique experiences for its students. We at KASB want to celebrate all the ways our member districts support their students in reaching their goals and exploring their world.

A team of KASB staff and board members will select 20 districts. Chosen districts receive a certificate of recognition and a $250 program donation.

Student Learning

Not only does the District Showcase allow your district to shine, it also provides an opportunity for students to engage in real-world learning. Students will give live demonstrations, practice public speaking skills, design and implement a project plan, and receive immediate feedback from the convention attendees.

What to bring

Unique arts programs, Project based learning, Job Shadow programs, Career and Technical Education, Unique Student Groups

When and Where

The District Showcase will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Wichita during the KASB Annual Convention. Friday, November 10, 2023, students, teachers, and administrators will set up a 10X10 convention booth display with materials, posters, videos, or other items to show off a program that makes their district special. Our convention attendees will have the opportunity to walk through, ask questions, experience the excellence in your district, and go back home with a range of new ideas to share with their communities.


  • Students from KASB member districts should create a 10'X10' booth space that showcases the selected program.
    • All booths will have a 6’ table surrounded on three sides: A full curtain in the back (creating a back wall) and 3’ curtains on either side.
    • Nothing may be affixed to the curtains in any way.
  • Booths should include program participants and booth creators (this may or may not be a different pool of students). Max 5 students per booth plus at least one staff member.
  • If the program being showcased produces tangible items, those items should be included in the display booth.
  • Non-tangible programs should include at least two of the following:
    • Pictures of the program in progress
    • Video of the program in progress
    • Participant testimonials
    • Written work

and should include current students.

  • Community programs and partnerships should include a program partner as a part of the booth presentation team if possible.
  • Demonstrations are encouraged!
  • Project plans are provided but not required.


How will we get there? Selected Districts will be responsible for their own transportation  How many students ca we bring? No more than five students. All booths must include at least one district staff. Do we need to bring sack lunches? Lunch will be provided by district showcase sponsors