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The Kansas Association of School Boards provides a multitude of benefits to our members. Our staff is ready to help you lead, serve, and advocate for Kansas students. Learn more about our services. 

Board Solutions



Board Solutions is the association's one-stop-shop for educational leaders. From executive searches and board training to our powerful suite of insurance and software solutions, everything you need to excel and succeed as a leader can be found within Board Solutions. Our experienced team of specialists brings decades of educational and industry-specific experience together to offer our members customized solutions built to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Solutions Available: 

  • Consulting
    • Board/Leadership Support
    • Health Consulting
    • Safety Consulting
    • Human Resources Studies
    • Culture and Vision Studies
    • Customized Research Solutions
    • KJUMP Energy Consulting
  • Executive Searches
  • Insurance Suite
    • Workers Compensation
    • Student Accident
    • Property Casualty
    • Employee Benefits
  • Research
    • Enrollment Projections
    • Member Data Surveys
  • Software Suite
    • Employee Benefits Portal
    • eMeeting Solution
    • Purchasing Portal
  • Training
    • Leadership Training
    • Board Training
    • Goal Setting and Strategic Planning
    • Administrative Training

The Kansas Association of School Boards is one of the most trusted voices for public education. Our Advocacy staff works throughout the year to advocate for public schools at all levels of government.

From testifying and fostering relationships in Topeka to collaborating with NSBA on federal education issues, the KASB truth machine is widely recognized as the go-to resource for policymakers and public education advocates.

Our Advocacy staff works closely with the other Kansas and national educational associations to look at critical issues such as school accreditation, funding, teacher certification, and much more. During the last two sessions, our team testified on over 40 bills. It hosted almost 30 events focused on ensuring that you have the critical information you need to lead your district and state effectively.

Our Advocacy team is also here to help your voice be heard. Our staff are always ready to connect you to your local legislators, aid you in drafting testimony, and support you in fighting for public education in Kansas. Our Advocacy in Action cohort equips people with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an effective and heard voice for public education for our most eager advocates.

The KASB Legal Team combines years of experience to serve school districts across the state. Our Legal Assistance Fund is designed to support boards of education facing an increasing need for legal services. LAF is one of the few programs in the nation that provides members legal assistance, services, reports on recent legal development to public school boards, and custom-built workshops and training for education leaders.

Membership in the fund provides participating boards of education access to legal counsel, legal research, important court decisions, our interpretation of laws affecting schools, written memos on specific legal questions asked by participating boards, and written legal opinions.

The goal of LAF is to supplement and enhance, but not replace, the legal services available to boards of education. This makes LAF a great option for organizations of all sizes. Your membership in LAF allows our team of attorneys to offer critical services to you and other districts that include:

  • An 'Attorney on Call' during board meetings
  • Access to legal counsel through phone calls, email, and Zoom meetings
  • Guidance on how to interpret laws and rulings that specifically impact schools
  • Specialized workshops ranging from Title IX training to Negotiations workshops

Any member governing board of KASB is eligible to participate in LAF upon signing the Adoption Agreement and LAF Contract and upon payment of the initial consultant service fee.

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