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KJUMP Energy Consulting

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Your Professional Association Offers A Natural Gas Consortium

Kansas Joint Utilities Management Program (KJUMP)

KJUMP is KASB's natural gas purchasing consortium that saves thousands of dollars for over 175 of our members. Joining a program that helps our members reduce usage fluctuations and cost of their local natural gas expenses every year. This program is not a supplier of natural gas, but “pools” the natural gas needs of its members to realize savings and energy costs.

Natural gas consortium value for our members

  • The KJUMP purchasing pool is managed by Symmetry Energy Solutions, one of the largest independent suppliers of natural gas.
  • KJUMP utilizes hedging and other strategies to reduce volatility.
  • KJUMP pays all supply, transportation, and distribution, providing one bill to each member.
  • Members assume no liability for over or underestimated consumption and no risk for supply and demand.
  • Monthly savings report provided.

Our KJUMP Energy Partner

  • Monitors this pool and supply daily, giving you a trouble-free essential service that allows you to focus on educational issues without the need to be a part-time energy trader.
  • Actively manages supply and demand requirements to ensure adequate supply and keep members penalty free.
  • Audits and pays all supply, transportation, and distribution invoices.