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Find Representatives

Find Representatives

Finding your representative is easier than ever! Log in to the KASB Member Portal to find a list of representatives according to your school district. 

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How to use KASB’s resources to find and contact the legislators for your school district 

During the legislative session and beyond, being able to quickly pull a list of the legislators whose districts overlap your local school district can help you advocate for public schools at the local and state level. KASB has created methods for you to do this, as described below. 

When you log on to the KASB member portal, you will find a page called “Legislators” under the “Member Resources” menu: 

Screen shot of the member portal page where you go to start to find your legislators

On this page, there are three things to note: 

  1. The blue “Download” icon, which can be clicked to download a copy of the Legislators Excel file. 

  1. The District Legislators Grid, which shows all Kansas Senators and Kansas Representatives whose Senate or House district overlaps with your school district’s boundaries. 

  1. The All Legislators Grid, which shows all Kansas Senators and Kansas Representatives. 

We will discuss each of these resources, starting with the District Legislators grid. 

The District Legislators Grid 

District legislators screen shot in member portal

The District Legislators Grid shows information for the legislators associated with your school district including name, email addresses, phone number, and political party.  Clicking on the “Export to Excel” button will give you an Excel file with the information showing on the grid.  This is the quickest way to pull a list to call or email your legislators. 

The grid can also be sorted and grouped for easier use if you have a lot of legislators on your list.  For more information this, please  

Clicking on the “+” icon next to a legislator’s information opens up a form containing additional information for that legislator, including the information on the grid plus a list of school districts in their legislative district, a link to their Legislative Research Profile, and other useful info.  

Legislator Details

The All Legislators Grid 

All legislators grid

The All Legislators Grid has the same information and functionality as the District Legislators Grid, but includes all Kansas legislators.   

The Legislators Excel File 

District legislators screen shot in member portal

Clicking on the blue “Download” icon at the top of the page allows you to download the “Legislators.xlsx” Excel workbook, which contains all of the information available for Kansas Legislators, along with information on the U.S. Legislators representing Kansas. 

  • The first tab of the workbook, “Kansas Legislators,” includes a table that can be sorted and filtered to find the legislators you are interested in. 

  • The second tab of the workbook, “U.S. Legislators,” includes information on the legislators representing Kansas in Washington D.C. 

  • The third tab of the workbook, “Instructions,” explains how to use the first tab. 

This information is being updated by KASB staff as it changes, so if you download a copy of this Excel file, you may wish to re-download it periodically to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. 

For help working with this information, please email