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e-Meeting Solution - BoardBook

BoardBook - Your Paperless Meeting Solution
Your Paperless Meeting Solution

Who Is BoardBook?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Created by the Texas Association of School Boards, BoardBook® has been working for over 15 years to meet the needs of school districts. The updated version of the board agenda preparation software, BoardBook® Premier, was designed with this unique market in mind and is the result of our experience with boards from across the country.

Today's partnership with the Kansas Association of School Boards makes BoardBook® available to you.  Two tiers are available. An entry-level tool gives you access to the basic functions of this user-friendly software.

BoardBook® Premier allows school boards to compile meeting documents, agendas, and minutes in a concise, easy-to-use format. With different permission levels, you can grant access to only those who need to see the information. Posting public notices is quick and easy. And many features are accessed by clicking a button, helping streamline your workload. 

Some of the Features Include


  • Online Anywhere Access to Meeting Information
  • Secure Document Management
  • Intuitive Board Experience
  • Flexible Range of Permission Options for All Users
  • Seamless Cloud-Based Interaction
  • Streamlined Features (such as Drop and Drag, Simultaneous Uploads) 
  • Resources 
  • Books and Documents

KASB's Melissa Holder discusses why she loves BoardBook® Premier!

These features, and more, makes BoardBook® Premier the perfect solution to your meeting needs. Would you believe you could launch this program for less than $25 per board member per meeting?

10 Reasons You Should Go Paperless

  1. Save Money – Instead of spending precious resources on the materials needed to print packets, funds can be used for important projects, such as educational programs, facility repairs, transportation, and school safety.
  2. Save Time – Increase administrative staff's productivity and give yourself more time to work on other projects.
  3. Save the Planet – Extend your district's environmental responsibilities by reducing paper use.
  4. Be More Efficient – Receive packets with the click of a button. Easily search, make notes, and link to other documents online. BoardBook® makes meetings smoother while offering quick access to the items being discussed.
  5. Increase Collaboration – Shared documents make it easier for board members to share and discuss items.
  6. Increase Security – Paper can't be locked behind a password, BoardBook® can.
  7. Protect Staff – In emergency situations involving the weather or public health, eliminate the need for staff members to get out to print, package, and deliver materials.
  8. Lighten Your Load – No need to lug around bulky packets. Leave them behind and grab your tablet or laptop instead.
  9. Save Space – Most district offices have limited space, and paper requires real estate that could be used elsewhere.
  10. Set A Good Example – Students and teachers are expected to use mobile devices and digital content regularly. School boards command more respect and display greater understanding when they do the same.

Learn More About BoardBook

Upgrade your board meeting experience with BoardBook®. The easy-to-use program allows for more efficient movement of documents and agendas with your board and administration and saves our clerks time in designing and deploying these crucial meetings. Join our BoardBook® team via Zoom to learn more about the eMeeting solution.

BoardBook - Your Paperless Meeting Solution

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