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Leadership Services

Leadership Services

Maximize Leadership Efficiency & Effectiveness 


Our leadership team combines decades of experience as board members, superintendents, principals, and leadership coaches to provide members with a slate of services focused on maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of district leaders and leadership teams. From helping boards hire their next superintendent to supporting districts in the strategic planning process, Leadership Services has the skills and expertise necessary to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with district leadership.

Leadership Services

  • Leadership Development at KASB encompasses various programs and initiatives to enhance leadership skills and capabilities. These include:


    • Whole Board Training
    • Business and Operations Leadership Development (BOLD)
    • Leadership for Tomorrow (LFT)
    • Women's Leadership Summit
    • Board Leadership Coaching
    • Human Resources Cohort (Thrive)


    These leadership development initiatives are designed to equip board members and educational leaders with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively lead their organizations and drive positive change in Kansas public schools.

  • District services offered by our Leadership Team encompass a range of specialized assessments and support tailored to meet the unique needs of school districts. These services include:


    • Superintendent Searches
    • Business and Operation Audits
    • Human Resources Studies
    • Technology Audits


    These district services support districts in improving their operational efficiency, strategic decision-making, and overall organizational effectiveness. By leveraging their expertise and resources, we assist districts in addressing critical areas of need and achieving their educational goals.

  • Staff training offered by our Leadership Team encompasses a variety of professional development opportunities designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of district staff members. These training programs include:


    • Safety Training
    • Evaluation Training
    • Board Clerk Training
    • District Culture Development
    • New Board Member Training
    • Strategic Planning


    Through these staff training programs, the KASB Leadership Team empowers district staff members with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to excel in their roles and contribute to the overall success of their districts.

  • Most Leadership Services are provided on an hourly basis. Certain projects or supports, including superintendent searches, utilize a separate pricing structure.

Standard Service Costs

Standard services cost $200/hour plus mileage. Districts will receive a maximum price quote to ensure budgetary alignment.

Superintendent Searches

Searches are priced based on district enrollment sizes. Prices range from $3,500 to $6,500 for districts with fewer than 10,000 students.

Contact our leadership team and learn more about how KASB can help you maximize your district's impact on student success by emailing our Assistant Executive Director of Leadership Services, Dr. Britton Hart, at