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Property and Casualty Insurance

Your Professional Association Offers Property And Casualty Insurance

KERMP is a member-owned pool comprised of public K-12 school districts in Kansas. KERMP endeavors to provide cost-effective coverage that addresses the liabilities faced by school districts in Kansas. KERMP believes that dollars not spent on risk management costs should be returned to members and that the costs of obtained coverage can be a budgeted item from year to year.

The Benefits of KERMP membership are as follows:

  • Long-term pricing stability
  • Members receive surplus funds back from the pool in profitable loss years
  • Competitive costs through buying power
  • Larger coverage limits and enhanced coverages
  • Additional services such as onsite and web-based loss control and safety training
  • Claims advocacy and increased control in the claims process

Maybe your school is struggling with coverage or rates upon renewals? Now is the time to look at our property program.... send an email to Jeremy Woydziak at to obtain more information.