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Policy Services

Through our legal department, KASB Policy Services provides members with a time efficient and cost effective way to update policies and handbooks to ensure compliance with the most current case law, rules, and regulations. This comprehensive assistance in policy development is a member benefit provided to:

  • Kansas School Boards
  • Community Colleges
  • Technical Colleges
  • Education Service Centers
  • Interlocals
  • Cooperatives

Updated and current board policies support the board’s goal to provide a quality educational program.

A school board’s policy book includes over three hundred educational and operational policies. Ensuring board policies and handbooks comply with applicable laws is a formidable but essential board task. KASB’s policy and legal staff have the knowledge and skills to help your staff and board update and write sound policies that comply with law as well as best practice procedures.

Federal and state laws require school boards to have certain policies in place, and the federal and state laws affecting public education increase yearly. School board policies that comply with the law support the board and staff to effectively and efficiently manage and provide quality educational services to students. Antiquated policy language works against the board and staff and can expose the district to legal liability and/or jeopardize receipt of federal funding.

Written Policy Audit

A KASB custom audit and rewrite of a district’s current board policy involves a complete overhaul of the board policy manual, including review and revision of student and staff handbooks. The audit of the board policy manual is performed over the course of two drafts.

Partial Audit

KASB also offers a hybrid service to boards whose policy manual is in critical need of updating, but the board is unwilling or unable to invest in the full audit service. A partial audit, like the full audit, involves a complete rewrite of your board policy manual over the course of two drafts and includes print and electronic copies of the new board policy manual at each draft stage. However, a partial audit does not include review and revision of all district handbooks.

Policy Review Service

The KASB policy review includes a thorough review of your board policy manual with a focus on the last three years of policy updates developed by KASB. In addition, our legal staff ensures district policies include recent changes in state and federal laws and regulations and resolves conflicts in personnel policies and negotiated language. This service does not include a full rewrite of the policy manual, but districts would receive various sample policies as recommended by KASB staff and documentation of why the changes are being recommended.

Staff and Student Handbook Review

Staff and student handbooks serve a vital communication function in the district, providing detailed rules and expectations for students, staff, and parents. After board approval, they have the force and effect of law in the district just like regular board policy. To keep your handbooks compliant with current law and KASB recommended best practices, KASB 's policy staff will review your handbooks, providing suggested revisions and explanations to help you tackle the updating process.

Contact Leslie Garner for more information. 

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