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Legislative Information, Trends, and Topics

The 2021 Legislative Session begins the first full week of January. Find information on current trends, calendar of sessions, important topics and more for both Kansas and Federal topics. 

General Information

Text says I support Kansas Public Schools with the same in a hashtag.

  1. Right click image above to save to your desktop and share on social media. 
  2. Sample social media posts and phone/email script to contact legislators. 
  3. NCPE Toolkit 

Sample letter to Congress on IDEA funding COVID pandemic (pdf)

Talking points IDEA.COVID (pdf)

NSBA IDEA Talking Points (pdf)

NSBA IDEA Fact Sheet #1 Number of Students Served by IDEA (pdf)

NSBA IDEA Fact Sheet #2 Students with Disabilities in Career and Technical Education (CTE) (pdf)

NSBA IDEA Fact Sheet #3 Where Do Students With Disabilities Usually Receive Education Services? (pdf)