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Breakout Sessions

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The Kansas Association of School Boards is proud to announce our breakout sessions for the 2021 Annual Convention. Attendees will have the opportunity to select from 32 breakout sessions facilitated by leaders across the state. Convention registrants will have access to an agenda towards the beginning of October. No matter your role or district size, there's a breakout session for you!

Breakout Round 1: 9:00 a.m.

Our first breakout session will be Saturday, November 6, from 9-9:45 a.m. 

  • Ideas for Building a Strong Building and District Culture | Leatherwood 1&2

    Caleb Smith, Ben Reed, Blake Smith, and Tiffany Stephey, Newton High School Principal Team | Newton USD 373

    Join building leaders from Newton High School as we discuss our five-step approach to building a strong culture. Educational leaders will learn the signs of a culture "killer," strategies for magnifying beliefs and authentic listening for stakeholders, tactics to gather data to inform your decision making and examples you can use in your own districts. No matter the size of your buildings, good cultures are achievable and they start with you!

  • Resetting Mindsets for SEL as a Board Member | Leatherwood 3

    John Cannon | Park Elementary, Lyons Public Schools

    This session will introduce attendee's the opportunity to shift their mindset to an SEL first mindset from a traditional academic mindset. It will discuss how trauma-informed approaches work within the class, school and district and how they as board members can have a pivotal role in this mindset shift. 

  • Preparing to Succeed:  Baldwin’s Proactive Facilities Planning

    P1 Willdan

    P1|Willdan have been a trusted partner with the Baldwin School District on “all things facilities.”  In this breakout, sit down with the team to hear about Baldwin’s proactive facilities planning process to avoid surprises, and most recent efforts to utilize ESSER funds towards HVAC improvements.  Get a recount of a 2018 high school building HVAC project to improve comfort and increase efficiency through proper ventilation, temperature, humidity and building automation controls - that gave the added benefit of maximizing the building’s health and safety.  Learn about the advantages of ongoing maintenance agreements to extend equipment life, and how to maximize your budget with compliant use of ESSER funds for future HVAC improvements.

  • Top 10 Legal Issues All Board Members Should Understand

    Angie Stallbaumer | KASB Attorney

    Join KASB's legal staff for a brief overview of the Kansas Open Meetings Act; the Kansas Open Records Act; the board's responsibility under evaluation law; things to look out for with public comment, equal access, complaints, and more.  This session is designed to give a veteran board member a refresher on legal issues impacting their board membership and to give new board members a baseline understanding of these concepts so that red flags are more apparent in the future.  

  • Using The Strategic Planning Process

    Justin Coup and Andrea McCook | USD 393 Solomon

    Justin Coup, Andrea McCook, and the USD 393 School Board will discuss how they use KESA and the strategic planning process to drive their board meetings and bond projects.  The presentation will provide a high-level example for superintendents and board members from rural districts on how to use the strategic planning process, along with providing resources and contacts to use along the way. 

  • Redesigning the Role of a Library and the Job Duties of a Librarian in Today’s High School Setting

    Lewis Goins | USD 506 Labette County High School 

    In today’s educational system where so many students rely solely on the comfort of a computer in their lap, what happens to library settings and how do they continue to operate in the daily dynamics of a school setting? Our school librarian will present the transformation needed to be an asset to the students and classroom teacher in making education come to life in many different formats. He will share his dynamic concepts of becoming part of the social media platform and meeting the needs of today student’s desire to have questions about books and material answered quickly. He will share examples of supporting the classroom teachers needs in many different formats and the importance of becoming a resource rather just a place in the school building.  He will detail how the library promotes reading for students while making it easy on the classroom teacher to incorporate, with support and guidance from a the librarian.   

  • K12 Cybersecurity: Who’s Watching?

    Brad Sandt | K12itc

    K-12 Schools are increasingly becoming a prime target for ransomware and cybersecurity attacks. Hear about one Kansas School District’s firsthand experience with ransomware and the steps they are taking today to prevent another costly ransomware attack. 

  • Leveraging KASB Data to Improve Student Success 

    Ted Carter | KASB

    Ted Carter, KASB Chief Data Officer, will provide an overview of the unique data resources available to KASB members and how to use them. Come prepared to ask questions and provide feedback!

    (This session replaces “Early Childhood Programming and Building Language Through Free Play.”)

Breakout Round 2: 10:00 a.m.

Breakout round 2 will be Saturday, November 6, from 10-10:45 a.m. 

  • Developing a New Board Team During Difficult Times

    Gary Sechrist and Sue Givens | KASB Leadership Services

    This year’s elections will bring change in membership for boards of education throughout the state. These changes are occurring during one of the most difficult eras in public education. Campaigns have focused on controversial issues and criticism of existing boards. In many cases, the subsequent changes in board membership will disrupt the balance of local governance. Mid-year disruptions to the board culture could result in chaos at the highest level of school district operations – the board of education.

    This session will provide strategies for developing a new team, new protocols, and renewed focus on local public education. Discussion regarding dealing with board “outliers” or coalitions will provide board members and superintendents with ideas to coalesce their new team into a positive governing body working together toward student success.

  • Types and Importance of DEI Training

    Keith Reynolds and William Polite | Wichita 259

    The types and importance of DEI training to stakeholders to create awareness, knowledge, self-reflection, curiosity, unity, and ally development.  The creation, purpose, and importance of District Equity Work Groups, School Equity Champions and Equity Committees in every schools.

  • Neodesha Promise Scholarship

    Juanita Erickson, Rebekah Peitz and Valon Jones | USD 461 Neodesha

    USD 461 staff will present information on their Neodesha Promise Scholarship, which provides tuition and mandatory fees for all qualifying seniors.  The project, now in its third year, works to foster a college-going culture and provide students the connections they need to be successful after graduation.

  • Negotiations Know-How

    Luke Sobba and David Cunningham | KASB Attorneys 

    Join KASB’s lead negotiators for an overview of what you need to know to serve on the board’s negotiations team.  They will brief you on their recommended best practices in this role and update you on current COVID-19-related trends impacting discussions at the bargaining table.

  • Unifying Communications During Divisive Times

    Jake Potter | Leavenworth Public Schools, KanSPRA

    How can board members and district administrators lead the way and partner to help our communities stay engaged in student success while navigating complex topics and educational issues? Join Jake Potter, Kansas School Public Relations Association President and Director of Public Relations for Leavenworth Public Schools as we discuss strategies and tactics to keep your school community effectively engaged and informed. 

  • Legislative Priority Feedback

    Mark Tallman, Leah Fliter and Scott Rothschild | KASB Advocacy Staff

    Join KASB Advocacy Staff Mark Tallman, Leah Fliter and Scott Rothschild to learn about KASB's draft legislative priorities for 2022 and provide your feedback on issues like constitutional oversight of public schools, public funding for public schools, and supporting schools as they emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. We'll also discuss potential positions on curricular issues like civics tests and financial literacy, transgender student participation on sports teams, and the powers of local boards during health emergencies.

  • Taking Your Board to the Effective Zone

    Dr. Britton Hart and Dr. Brian Jordan | KASB

    Participants will examine the eight characteristics of highly effective school boards. Each participant will leave with strategies that will maintain the focus on the critical work of the board. The session will also reflect on the danger signs that can derail your board team. This breakout session is timely as you welcome new members to your team in January. Join "Maverick and Goose" from Top Gun for learning and networking as you continue to develop your board team.

  • Title IX Updates

    Ashley Rohleder-Webb | KASB Attorney

    Ashley will dazzle you with lessons learned in the life of a Title IX law practitioner.  She will refresh attendees on the now year-old Title IX regulations, provide her tips for navigating them, and will update you on current case law and federal law interpretations that will impact schools.

Breakout Round 3: 1:00 p.m.

Breakout round 3 will be Saturday, November 6, from 1-1:45 p.m. 

  • Vaping and our Youth: How We Can Help

    Angie Stallbaumer and Shelby Rebeck | KASB and KDHE

    Vaping has been on a consistent rise for the last decade. Questions arise what the role schools play in vaping prevention and how we can help protect our students. In this breakout session, Angie Stallbaumer and Shelby Rebeck will look at vaping trends across the nation and in Kansas while sharing insights and strategies to curb the use of vaping among youth. Both have served on the Department of Education's vaping task force, a group that has worked tirelessly to set goals and strategies aimed at ending the use of e-cigarettes and vape pens. This session is great for school board members and district administrators to learn strategies to take back to their districts as we all work together to protect and preserve student health. 

  • Positive Public Relations

    Craig Marshall | USD 244 Burlington

    This session will focus on ways to improve communication in your district so the public feels more informed about the events and happenings in your schools, including various methods of communication and tactics work with your community. Come learn "how-tos" for local media relations and other public relations practices to keep your school families engaged and informed as an educational leader. 

  • Recognizing & Addressing Unconscious Gender Bias

    Sue Givens | KASB

    Most of us believe we deal with issues related to gender in a fair and equitable manner. We recall or have read about girls sports being restructured in the 70’s as a result of Title IX; and we’ve all been versed in the negative impact of sexual harassment on the school environment. As a whole, we are well-meaning leaders who know the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity… except for one small psychological detail. Each of us, whether male or female, have unconscious bias resulting from culture, media, upbringing, and our need to find patterns that help us navigate an increasingly complicated world. These stereotypes and beliefs reside below our self-conscious and manifest themselves in everyone’s everyday actions.

    This session will provide a startling overview of research on unconscious gender bias: what it looks like, how it occurs, and what we can do to prevent unintended stereotyping from creating a negative influence on district culture or facing legal issues resulting from honest intention.

  • Leadership Development in Facility Management

    Kristofer Upson | USD 305

    Leadership Development in Facility Management: A Lateral Approach to Sustainable Organizational Development. Salina Public Schools is in its third year of a leadership development program specifically tailored to facility and maintenance managers. This presentation will discuss the program curriculum, process and results.

  • Building Local Advocacy Networks

    Leah Fliter | KASB Advocacy 

    Join KASB's Director of Governmental Relations Leah Fliter for a discussion of why and how to build local networks to advocate for Kansas public schools. Learn tips and best practices for effective advocacy, working with KASB on a common message, and more. Audience interaction encouraged!

  • Brand Equity. What is it? Why is it so important this coming school year?

    Chris Yee | Gabbart Communications 

    It's time to move forward and now is the perfect opportunity to discuss practical ways we can renew, refresh, and re-energize our Brand Equity, both as individuals and as District Brand Ambassadors. The education world was shaken. Unforeseen challenges put a magnifying glass on our vulnerabilities. In most cases, there were PR nightmares, communities lost trust, and brand equity was devalued. We've all felt it for what seems like an eternity now. However, despite this unprecedented season... It's time... It's time to move forward... It's time to renew... It's time to refresh... It's time to re-energize. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our communities need you, your staff needs you, and most importantly, our students need you. Your Brand Equity plays a critical role in this movement. Let's talk about it.

  • Closing the Equity Gap: Innovative Strategies for Bilingual/Biliterate Learners

    Dr. Pilar Mejía and Dr. Aaron Kipp | Topeka Public Schools, USD 501

    Find out how Topeka Public Schools (enrollment 13,100) became the first district in the state of Kansas to offer innovative, tried and true educational best practices (Preschool-12th) to create bilingual and biliterate scholars as a pillar in its work to support marginalized communities.  

  • Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas

    Beverly Mortimer | Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas

    Students need more support now than ever before after experiencing a year of remote and hybrid learning and many becoming disengaged in school. Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas served more than 3,800 students through the pandemic and saw a 97% graduation rate for JAG-K students. JAG-K partners with Kansas school districts to increase graduation rates while preparing students for the skills they need to be successful in their future workplaces, post-secondary, and/or military! JAG-K is an affiliate of the National JAG organization and is an evidence-based program that produces successful outcomes using Project-Based Learning, Employer Engagement, Trauma-Informed Care/resiliency strategies. We currently have 79 programs in middle, high and alternative schools, and 4 pilot programs to serve system-involved youth. Attend this session to learn more about how to add JAG-K classes in your schools. A JAG-K student and Career Specialist will also speak during this presentation.

Breakout Round 4: 2:00 p.m.

Breakout round 4 will be Saturday, November 6, from 2-2:45 p.m. 

  • Upcoming Issues for 2022

    Mark Tallman, Leah Fliter and Scott Rothschild | KASB Advocacy Staff

    Join the KASB Advocacy Team for predictions and prognostications on the hot legislative topics in 2022.

  • Mentoring: Maximizing the Potential in Your New District Leader!

    Dr. Rick Doll and Dr. Donna Augustine-Shaw | Kansas State University 

    Mentoring: Maximizing the Potential in Your New District Leader! The Kansas Educational Leadership Institute (KELI) provides mentoring and induction to new building and district leaders through on-site, individualized visits by an experienced Kansas principal/superintendent. KELI also focuses on building leadership capacity in new superintendents through regional and state networking and professional learning opportunities. This session will provide an overview of the program, discuss the merits of mentoring to support and retain leadership in your district, and provide insight into the coaching training of KELI mentors. The session will provide opportunity for discussion and interaction among participants to explore the context and value of mentoring in local school districts.

  • The Crystal Apple Awards

    Lara Bors, Myca Bunch and Dr. Steve Karlin | Garden City USD 457, Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce

    Every year the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce hosts the Crystal Apple Awards.  We believe it is the only awards ceremony of its kind in that it is entirely business community driven.  While many communities may have teacher of the year events, the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the decision and the hosting of this incredible event.  The local administrators and boards of education have no say in who is selected. Three different committees from the Chamber do a blind read, interview and observe the teachers to determine the winners.

  • The Construction Bond Project Process

    Greg Tice and James Regier | SPT Architects 

    An A-Z Overview of How to Build Consensus, Organize a Bond Project, and what you can expect with the Construction Bond project process. SPT Architecture’s Greg Tice and retired Superintendent, James Regier, will take you on a timeline tour of the bond project process. This will include how to organize your community and Board of Education members, select an architect, how and whether to select a Construction Manager or bid your project, the role of the Superintendent, the construction process, and finally, how to close out the project.

  • School Finance/Budget for Kansas - An Introduction for USD Board Members 

    Kellen J. Adams | USD 413 - Chanute

    Each year, school boards across Kansas are charged with overseeing approximately $3B for Kansas school district budgets. These funds, accounting for over half of the state's General Fund, are primarily raised through local taxation. The expectations for efficient and effective uses of these funds has never been more scrutinized as these decisions are consistently subject to the public view. Whether you are a new or experienced board member, it is important to understand the funds that have been entrusted to your office by your stakeholders. This session provides for an overview of both the finance and budget structures for Kansas School Districts, including (but not limited to):

    • a.) How funds are generated - mill rates, state aid, etc.
    • b.) Basics of fund expenditures and how and where funds are expended from  
    • c.) An introduction to common terminology
    • d.) Common practices for districts on how to properly manage the funds they have
  • Building Community Partnerships with DCF

    Lori Blake, Pamela Beach, Kimberly Klein and Jenny Parker | Southeast of Saline USD 306, Department for Children and Families 

    Join a group of experts in the field from the Department for Children and Families to learn how they might better partner and collaborate with your district and your teams.  Focusing on prevention, the workshop hopes to increase collaboration with those serving children and families, connecting families with resources in your area sooner.  The agency’s goal is to address prevention together as a community, wrapping around kids and families to support them and help their needs be met so children may do their best learning.

  • Dress code Policy as a Tool for Enhancing Equity in Schools

    Shannon Kimball and Kelly Jones | Lawrence Public Schools 

    This session covers the work our district's board members and policy committee completed to create a comprehensive dress code policy. Often, implementing dress codes in our schools results in unintentional equity issues and can widen achievement gaps. We will describe the process we completed for the new policy and the resources we used to help school districts examine their dress code policies through an equity lens. Board members will gain takeaways on gathering perspectives and participation for district policy and receive a roadmap to start an equitable dress code policy in your district. 

  • Your Students, Your Mascots, and Your Board. 

    Heather Ousley and Chief Ben Barnes  | SMSD, ShawneeTribe 

    Join Chief Ben Barnes of the Shawnee Tribe and Board President Heather Ousley from Shawnee Mission USD512 to discuss how they came together for the best interests of their students. This workshop will cover how Indian Mascots negatively impact Native American children, and how the school board updated its nondiscrimination policy and drafted a new policy specifically pertaining to mascot images to reflect the district's strategic plan by working towards the goal to improve its diversity, equity, and inclusion for its community. They will dive into how the administration could point towards the boards' decision and the communities support. During this session, attendees will walk away with resources from Governor Kelly’s task force and examples from a district that has successfully updated its policy, and is in the process of updating mascot imagery in its buildings.

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