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Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition
Acknowledge Hardworking Individuals in Your Organization


KASB Awards and Recognition Programs

We believe in saying "THANK YOU" and "JOB WELL DONE!" KASB has several award programs to acknowledge all of the hard work of individuals in your organization. Use these opportunities to express appreciation and inspire others to excel.

Award Plaques

KASB offers an 8'' x 12'' walnut plaque in the shape of the state of Kansas with an engraved gold brass plate.

The engraved plate can be customized with a personalized inscription, including any logo of your choice or the KASB logo. Please note: If sending your logo, send a camera-ready copy of the logo.

The plaque is available for purchase to honor retiring school board members or any district personnel. Orders are accepted year-round.

Order Details

Don't hesitate to get in touch with KASB for details

Sheryl Fincham
FAX 785.273.7580


Order Form

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Awards and Recognition