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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Annual Events

Each year at KASB, we plan and develop workshops and events to help promote and develop our members to be prepared to help Kansas students succeed. As we continue to support our members with quality events throughout the year, we host larger annual events that connect members across the state and country. These opportunities provide a way for each member to collaborate, network, and grow as we all lead, serve, and advocate for student success. 

KASB Annual Convention – Friday, November 11, through Sunday, November 13, 2022, at the Hyatt and Century II.

Advocacy In Action – Attend our Advocacy In Action next year! More information to come. 

Clerks’ Workshop –  Attend our Board Clerks’ Workshop next year! More information to come.

Women's Leadership Summit – Our Women’s Leadership Summit takes place annually in March. More information to come!

Events: On-Demand

Use the table below to find the event(s) you are interested in.  Click on the link to be taken to the KASB member portal to register for that event.  Click on the diagonal arrow in the lower right corner to view the table in a separate tab.