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2022 Convention Schedule

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Registration is Officially Closed for 2022.

Welcome to Convention!

We can't wait to see you at our 2022 Annual Convention - this year to November 11-13, 2022, in Wichita, Kansas. Spend Friday-Sunday at the Wichita Convention Center as we finetune ways to Lead, Serve, and Advocate for our local communities. 

Friday, November 11, Schedule

Our convention begins with pre-convention events and registration. Join us for a happy hour, regional elections, our dinner and keynote opening session Friday evening. 

    • KSSA Day 
    • Meeting All Kids’ Needs
    • Winter School Law Workshop
  • Registration opens past the hall of the check-in desk at the Hyatt. Attendees will check in according to their district USD number and name. Delegates will then register at the Delegate Assembly desk to receive further instructions for the Delegate Assembly and voting materials. 

  • Enjoy our Happy Hour and mingle with attendees before our dinner and opening session begins. 

  • Vote for your regional VP on the KASB Board. If you are located within one of these four regions, instructions for regional elections will be emailed to you. Locate your section in the Ballroom to vote for your regional VP.  If you are unsure of which region you are in click here for the KASB Region Map


  • Join us for dinner with a buffet in the Ballroom. KASB President Brad Bergsma and Executive Director Dr. Brian Jordan will deliver opening remarks. 

  • Craig Zablocki has spoken to well over one million people internationally, in all 50 states, and across industries. With a background as an inner-city teacher, and a lion- hearted passion to make a positive difference, Craig’s influence in the education arena has been significant with educators, administrators, superintendents, boards, pupil transportation, school nutrition folks, and students. Craig’s direct and highly interactive style, relevant, timely message, his positive humor, and his authentic approach draws out the highest in each person.

    A past inner-city teacher prior to speaking, Craig was the first outside speaker invited to address the students at Columbine after the 1999 tragedy. Though his keynotes and trainings, Craig has impacted hundreds of school districts across the U.S. and Canada. Craig was invited twice to address the Association of Teacher Educators (these are 1,800 Professors who teach our teachers), and they were astounded with Craig’s fresh perspectives. Craig was voted (twice) in the top 2% of the best 150 speakers in the U.S. by the National Society of Human Resource Managers (14,000 voting members).


    “Fun, poignant, profound, provocative, brilliant, and roll-in-the-aisles hilarious!

    Terri Rufert, Superintendent, Association of California School Administrators

    “Just what the doctor ordered. You started the healing. Love you!”

    Frank DeAngelis, Principal, Columbine High School

    “A ‘teaching moment’ for 1800 Professors! Craig revealed the future of


    Ed Pultorak, Ph.D., President, Assoc. of Teacher Educators

    “From your perspective, to your message, your humanity and your creativity -- you have set the benchmark for all our future professional speakers.”

    Michael J. Martin, Executive Dir., National Assoc. for Pupil Transportation

    Check out Craig’s website at, along with his book, Improv 101, Unleashing Your Creative Spirit (written with educators in mind).


Saturday, November 12, Schedule

Saturday brings breakout sessions, a tradeshow, Delegate Assembly and opportunities to further connect with attendees. 

  • This year we are Roaming the River to benefit the Tiny-k program with help from the Thomas John Griffin Foundation. 

    Tiny-k Early Intervention provides services to support families of children from birth to age three who have been diagnosed with potential delay or disability. The Giffin family received services through tiny-k.

    The Thomas John Giffin Foundation continues to give back to the program each year. The Foundation provided tiny-k Early Intervention a $3,500 donation made possible by the 2020 TJ5K & Family Fun Run.

    The TJ5K & Family Fun Run was initiated in 2013 and has raised more than $36,000 for tiny-k!

    These funds are used to provide scholarships to children in the tiny-k program who need extensive socialization prior to starting preschool. Opportunities include toddler classes through the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department and placement in Kids’ Day Out programs where children practice communicating and interacting with their peers in a structured environment.

    -Suzy Green, early childhood coordinator

  • Breakfast service opens at 7 a.m. and will remain open until 8:30 a.m. 

  • Enjoy a Breakfast Keynote with Kansas Education Commissioner Dr. Randy Watson. 

    Dr. Randy Watson image of dr. randy watson

    Dr. Randy Watson was named Commissioner of Education by the Kansas State Board of Education in November 2014, while he was still serving as Superintendent of McPherson schools, USD 418. During his tenure with the Kansas State Department of Education, Dr. Watson has rapidly become known for his visionary leadership to position Kansas as an innovator in rethinking a century-old school model. The Kansans Can vision to lead the world in the success of each student continues to drive the work of the Kansas State Board and the state education agency. Among the forward-thinking initatives are balancing the emphasis between academic test scores and the characteristics Kansans identified as ensuring student success. Dr. Watson was instrumental in introducing statewide outcomes for social-emotional growth, kindergarten readiness, individual plans of study, graduation attainment and postsecondary success. Commissioner Watson has been recognized nationally for guiding student-focused, personalized learning through the Kansans Can School Redesign Project, which fuels the State Board’s vision for education. Five cohorts of systems are currently engaged in the redesign process to tailor instruction to students’ strengths, needs and interests.


  • View our first round of breakout speakers below. Click HERE to view full descriptions. 

    • School Finance and Budget 101: Basics of The Kansas School Funding Formula – Kellen Adams, USD 413 | Cypress A
    • The Board of Education's Influential Role in Educator Retention – Dr. Bret Church, Emporia State University | Cypress B
    • Developing and Integrating Work Based Learning in Your District – Don Potter, USD 375 | Redbud A
    • Top 10 Legal Issues All Board Members Should Understand – Angie Stallbaumer and/or Lori Kopp, KASB | Redbud B
    • Managing Conflict- A Means Toward Constructive Ends – Sue Givens, KASB | Redbud C
    • Awareness & Communication: Keys to a Thriving Culture  – Kelly Turcotte & Tammy Fellers, ESSDACK | Birch
    • Finding Potential Teachers In Your OWN District – Todd Roberts, KFTA Staff | Cedar
    • School Board Members as Anti-Hunger Advocates – Jamie Reever, USD 253 & Kansas Appleseed | Maple 
  • View our second round of breakout speakers below. Click HERE to view full descriptions. 

    • 8 Characteristics of Highly Effective Boards– Dr. Britton Hart, KASB | Cypress A
    • Title IX Updates – Ashley Rohleder- Webb, KASB | Cypress B
    • TBD- K12itc | Redbud A
    • School Budgeting and Finance:  Simplifying the Beast- Lew Faust, USD 383 | Redbud B
    • Building Local Advocacy Networks- Leah Fliter, Scott Rothschild, and John Forrer KASB | Redbud C
    • Exploring the Roles and Essential Functions of a New Kansas Superintendent- Patrick Crowdis USD 431 | Birch
    • Data Literacy and Insight for Board Members- Dr. Aaron Kipp, USD 501 | Cedar
    • Why Mentoring? Stories From the Field- Donna Augustine- Shaw, Kansas State University | Maple


  • The following meetings will take place during our Saturday lunch. Others are welcome to mingle with one another as they eat. 

    • Lunch and Network
    • State Board of Education Panel
    • Past Presidents Lunch – invite only 
    • LFT Lunch – invite only
  • Delegates will vote on 2023 State and Federal Legislative Priorities and the incoming KASB President-Elect. Voting Delegates will be notified via email information to register as voting delegates for the assembly. 

  • View our third round of breakout speakers below. Click HERE to view full descriptions. 

    • Upcoming Issues for 2023- Leah Fliter & Scott Rothschild, KASB | Cypress A
    • Why and How School Districts Should be Involved with Childcare Today- Bill Lowry, J.B. Elliott, & Brien Stockman, USD 112, USD 343, & Dane G. Hansen Foundation | Cypress B
    • School Bond Success: What Should a Board Consider?- Dr. Mike Waters & Jamie Rumford, USD 102 & USD 466 | Redbud A
    • Negotiations Know-How- Luke Sobba & David Cunningham, KASB | Redbud B
    • TBD- Leadership, KASB | Redbud C
    • The Key to Success is Communication Between the Board of Education and the Superintendent- Dan Brungardt, USD 204 | Birch
    • School Transportation Today and the Future- Keith Dreiling, Dennis Tate, & Melissa Ostermeyer, KSDE | Cedar
    • Increasing Efficiency, Efficacy and Equity- Allison Anderson-Harder, Leslie Seeley, & Lillian Lingenfelter, USD 253 | Maple


  • View our final round of breakout speakers below. Click HERE to view full descriptions. 

    • The New Reality of School Board Elections- Danielle Heikes, Ashley Spaulding, & Frank Harwood, USD 232 | Cypress A
    • Recruiting Your District's Next Board Member: What Role do Current Board Members and the District Play?- Rachel Russell, USD 500 | Cypress B
    • Strategic Plan Development, Implementation, and Evaluation- Chris Cooper, USD 264 | Redbud A
    • Superintendent Retention Strategies- Cory Gibson, USD 262 | Redbud B
    • 5 Steps To Improve Community Engagement- Teddy Gabbart, Gabbart Communications | Redbud C
    • An A-Z Guide Through the Bond Project Process- Greg Tice, SPT  Architecture | Birch
    • Leading from The Board President's Chair- Ki Gamble, USD 422 | Cedar
    • Identifying, Procuring and Funding Facilities Improvements- P1 | Maple


  • Get to know our sponsors and event vendors at our Tradeshow and Happy Hour. Attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with different businesses and enter a raffle for prizes.

  • While mingling with our sponsors and event vendors at our Tradeshow, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy Hors D’Oeurves and Happy Hour. 

Sunday, November 13, Schedule

Our convention ends with a breakfast, closing keynote speaker and ending remarks. 

  • Breakfast service opens at 7 a.m. and will remain open until 8:30 a.m. 

  • Ravi's journey as a rock star, aviator, cultural diplomat for the US Department of State, and keynote speaker is an inspiring example of how to pivot and succeed in an ever-changing world.

    He is the first American-born descendant of India’s first family (which includes prime ministers Nehru and Gandhi), but his worldwide visibility skyrocketed in 1997 as the guitarist of triple-Grammy-nominee, Hanson, performing at the White House, Madison Square Garden, Saturday Night Live, Today Show, and more.

    Ravi later became a pilot and aviation speaker helping the industry attract new student pilots, and in 2015, the US Department of State began sponsoring his cultural programs in Russia, Indonesia, Iraq, and Lebanon.

    A highly respected keynote speaker in education leadership, Ravi is also the founder of Ravi Unites Schools—a large network of international K-12 schools whose classes participate in peer-to-peer real-time audio-video interactions—and author of PIVOT: Empowering Students Today to Succeed in an Unpredictable Tomorrow.

  • KASB President-Elect Art Guitierrez will deliver closing remarks.