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Member Data Surveys

Help your district and other school districts across the state by submitting your Member Data Survey

KASB collects data from our members annually and uses this information in combination with data from KSDE and other sources to allow school districts to compare themselves to one another and gather ideas for planning and improvement. We provide five-year enrollment projections for each district, salary and benefits comparisons, policy discussions, school board elections data, and information useful for teacher contract negotiations and executive staff services. KASB works to ensure that we only ask data from districts that is not available from other sources and are always looking to refine the methods and the content of our data collections.

Why should I fill out my Member Data Survey? 

  • Your time and data helps KASB better serve your school districts and other districts across the state. 
  • The data you input gets stored in another secure location in case of district data shortage, security leaks, or a cyber attack. 
  • Gain access to customized solutions from our Chief Data Officer. 

Access the current data and fill out your member surveys here