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Trainings and Workshops

KASB Training

KASB offers a number of training and workshops throughout the year. From opportunities to learn more about becoming a Superintendent to workshops on equity, bullying, and social-emotional learning, our Leadership Services team offers a one-stop-shop for your learning needs as an educational leader. Be sure to sign up for regular KASB communications, including our newsletter and week at a glance, for the most recent information on our upcoming workshops. 

Aspiring Superintendents

We offer a number of opportunities to attend an Aspiring Superintendents workshop throughout the year. Participants learn more about what traits school districts are looking for in leaders, what the process of applying to be a superintendent looks and feels like, and what they can do to prepare for success as a district-wide leader. Our Aspiring Superintendent workshops also provide an opportunity to connect and network with other educational leaders from across the state. Our classes often become small cohorts that remain in touch in for months and years after their first engagement. 

Board/Leadership Team Trainings

We offer a wide array of leadership trainings. Some workshops are built specifically for board members, others for building staff, and some for entire leadership teams. Attending one or several of these opportunities equips participants with a better understanding of what it takes to build effective governance and leadership structures. Combining years of experience with the latest theories on leadership, we prepare educational leaders across the state for success in the 21st century. 

Clerk Training

KASB is proud to offer a number of opportunities for board clerks. From our annual clerk's workshop held in February to monthly opportunities to check in with our Leadership and Legal Services teams, we strive to equip clerks with the skills and knowledge they need to be effective and adaptive leaders in their districts. Clerks also receive a monthly newsletter packed with information specifically built for them. By offering events both online and in-person, we ensure that clerks from across the state can connect to one another and build meaningful networks in the process. 

Director/Supervisor Training

Directors and Supervisors play an integral role in the successful management of any school district. We offer several opportunities for directors and supervisors to connect with KASB throughout the year and learn more about cutting-edge and creative ways for them to lead in their own context. Our Leadership Services team regularly joins forces with KASB attorney’s to help Directors and Supervisors explore leadership best practices.