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Critical Race Theory not part of Kansas history standards

Posted Date: 07/13/2021

Critical Race Theory not part of Kansas history standards

State Education Commissioner Dr. Randy Watson said Tuesday that Critical Race Theory is not part of K-12 public education in Kansas.

Watson said Kansas’ history, government and social studies standards have “never, ever included Critical Race Theory, nor does it today.”

State Board of Education Chairman Jim Porter, R-Fredonia, said there have been “statements from people running for office that are both inaccurate and irresponsible regarding Critical Race Theory.”

Recently at several school board meetings, groups of parents have alleged that schools are teaching CRT. In addition, several Republican elected officials have said they will push for legislation to prohibit teaching CRT.

In the past few days, however, school districts have issued statements to inform the public on what is taught in the classroom.

Wichita USD 259, the state’s largest district, stated: "Wichita Public Schools does not teach Critical Race Theory. Our curriculum is research-based and rigorous, and is aligned to the Kansas State Department of Education standards. Recognizing that equity does not always mean equality, Wichita Public Schools provides support and resources to students based on data and student need.”

Olathe USD 233 issued the following statement: “Olathe Public Schools teaches state and district standards for all subjects; CRT is not part of either set of standards. CRT is a theoretical approach to material generally discussed in higher education, not at the K-12 level. As a district, we remain steadfast in our commitment to equity, inclusion, and continuous improvement so that all students feel valued and are prepared for their future. We serve more than 30,000 students with diverse thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Our job is to prepare all of them to achieve personal success.”

Here is a link to Kansas’ history, government and social studies standards.