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KASB legislative roundup for Wed. March 10

Posted Date: 03/10/2021

Kansas public schools would have to offer an in-person learning option by March 26 under legislation recommended for approval by the House K-12 Education Budget Committee.

The committee worked quickly on SB 235, holding a public hearing and voting on it the same day. The measure, already approved by the Senate, will now go to the full House for consideration.

KASB opposed the bill, citing numerous problems with the legislation. Only one district — Kansas City USD 500 — is in total remote learning and plans to return to the classroom next month.

Kansas City’s interim superintendent Dr. Alicia Miguel said the district had remained in remote because of Wyandotte County’s extraordinarily high COVID-19 infection spread, which reached a 43 percent positive rate of those tested in early January.

But Republicans on the committee voted for the bill, saying keeping students in remote learning was hurting families.

In other business, the Senate took no action on SB 13, which requires notification and hearings if a taxing entity was raising more tax dollars than the previous year. School districts had been exempted in the Senate-approved version but were put back in the bill in the House. The bill is now back in the Senate, which can either send the legislation into a House-Senate conference committee or approve the House changes. KASB opposes the House changes.

On Thursday, the Senate Education Committee has scheduled discussion and possible action on SB 208, which would prohibit transgender girls from participating in girls athletics. KASB testified as neutral on the bill.

HB 2119, the bill that includes vouchers and limits on remote learning, is on the House calendar but hasn’t been scheduled for debate yet. Education leaders are encouraged to contact their representatives and urge them to reject HB 2119. For more information on the bill, go here.

For a video wrapup of Wednesday’s action, go here.