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KASB legislative roundup for Thur. Feb. 18

Posted Date: 02/18/2021

KASB legislative roundup for Thur. Feb. 18

The Senate Education Committee on Thursday conducted a hearing on SB 173 that extends high-density, at-risk student funding for another year. KASB supports the compromise measure.

Also on Thursday, the House K-12 Education Budget Committee held a roundtable discussion with Education Commissioner Randy Watson and other KSDE officials. The wide-ranging discussion touched on subjects such as in-person learning, the roles of the Legislature, State Board of Education and local school boards, and how COVID-19 has affected students.

On Friday, the Senate Education panel will finalize work on the K-12 budget and have hearings on SB 144, which would make the high-density, at-risk funding permanent, and SB 93, requiring the allocation of sufficient school district moneys to improve academic performance of underachieving students.

On Monday, the House K-12 committee will consider the education budget.

A number of bills will have hearings next week in committees.

On Monday, the House Commerce, Labor and Economic Development Committee will consider HB 2351, which would provide liability protection for businesses, municipalities and educational institutions that participate in high school work-based learning programs and provide that schools are responsible for injuries to students participating in such programs.

On Tuesday, the House Education Committee will consider HB 2301, which would require school districts that offer financial literacy classes to count them as part of a math requirement.

Also on Tuesday, Senate Education will hold a hearing on SB 208, which would prohibit transgender students from participating on women’s teams.

In addition, on Thursday, Senate Education will take up SB 235, which requires district provide an in-person option no later than March 26.

Here is a video wrap-up of Thursday’s developments.