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KASB Legislative Update, Feb. 14

Posted Date: 02/14/2023

KASB Legislative Update, Feb. 14

Committees are working on numerous education measures as the Feb. 24 deadline nears when many bills must pass the chamber of origin or they are dead for the session.

The Senate Education Committee recommended approval of SB 66, which would have Kansas join a multi-state compact aimed at making it easier for teachers from out of state to be able to teach in Kansas. KASB supported the bill. The committee is also working on SB 82, which would set up concussion management systems at schools. KASB is neutral on SB 82.

The House Education Committee conducted hearings on HB 2278, which would require audits and inspections of schools’ safety measures, and HB 2142, which would require schools have water filtration systems to remove lead from water. KASB testified in support of HB 2278 and neutral on HB 2142, saying that the legislation lacked a funding source.

TheHouse K-12 Education Budget Committee held hearings on HB 2261, which would allow school board members to be paid, and HB 2271, dealing with the open enrollment provision. KASB opposes HB 2261, saying school board members prefer to serve as volunteers. KASB supports HB 2271, which authorizes any nonresident student whose parent or guardian is employed by a school district to enroll in such school.

And in the House Tax Committee, KASB testified as neutral but with concerns over HB 2061, which would cut taxes to a five percent income tax rate on individuals and corporations.

For a video review of developments, go to this link.