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                                           Consulting with an icon of a gear inside a head set.

The Kansas Association of School Board offers an array of consulting services to benefit your school district. We know school districts continue to face a wide range of challenges as student needs change, staffing requirements and needs evolve, district facilities age, and more. Our consulting services offer districts customized solutions to help their district grow. 

  • Board/Leadership Support
    Enhance your board and district leadership team through our Board/Leadership support services. 
  • Health Consulting
    Analyze cost-efficiency and coverage with our Health Consulting. 
  • Safety Consulting
    Refine your school and district safety plans to keep your students and staff safe. 
  • Equity Consulting
    Take the next steps to serve ALL students better. 
  • Human Resources Studies
    Gather a range of information, including position descriptions, salary ranges, and more with our Human Resources Studies. 
  • Culture and Vision Studies
    Steer your district towards a positive and productive culture with our Culture and Vision Studies. 
  • Customized Research Solutions
    Have a question about your school districts or other school districts in Kansas? Consider a Customized Research Solution!
  • Energy Management Program Consulting
    Save costs by joining our Natural Gas Consortium and learn more about the usage of natural gas in your school district.