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Partnership Pathways

Partnerships at KASB

KASB understands the vital role that vendors play in the successful outcomes our members seek to achieve. We value the key role that you play plugging in with them and offering your products and services to support student success and local community engagement outcomes.


Many vendors have supported our association for decades. KASB has a partner’s program that supports two outcomes:

  •  Provides a unique opportunity for our membership of to see your organization as one that is both positioned and committed to education marketplace in Kansas, not just a marketer in this space. Sets your organization apart as one that not only markets to our members but supports the desired outcome of student success.

  •  Our membership in continuously seeking support and engagement from vendors for a variety of goods and services. They look to their professional association to be the initial vetting and recommendation resource for the district administration and board of education.


Our most expansive partnership opportunity is an Association Partnership. An annual or multi-year contract agreement that showcases your company’s commitment to public education in Kansas. Allows the vendor access to multiple association events throughout the year, title sponsorship of our annual convention and other unique marketing opportunities.

General Information

Annual Convention 2021

This year, our Annual Convention is November 5-7. Our tradeshow day will be hosted on Saturday, November 6

Fill out the contract and share it with by July 30, 2021, to join us at this year’s convention. 

View this email for contract information.



  • One single or double exhibit booth, complimentary
  • Sponsorship, endorsement, or leadership of one KASB Breakout Session
  • Advertisement during convention
  • Mention and thanks at the first and second General Sessions
  • Sponsorship and attendance for two at our  Convention Happy Hour
  • Acknowledgment of Sponsorship in Conference Materials


  • Single exhibit booth, complimentary
  • Advertisement during convention
  • Mention and thanks at the first and second General Sessions
  • Attendance for two at our Convention Happy Hour


  • Single exhibit booth, complimentary
  • Advertisement during convention


  • Single exhibit booth

Women’s Leadership Summit 2022

This year our event will be hosted in-person in Wichita on March 1-2, 2022. To find more information regarding the event structure and schedule, visit

Sponsorship information for the 2022 Women’s Leadership Summit coming soon! Keep an eye on your inbox or email with any questions about this year’s Women’s Leadership Summit.