Why I Serve on my Local Board of Education

“I truly love the work I get to do as a local board of education member. The best part of our board meetings is the time that we use to recognize the amazing accomplishments of our students and staff. Those recognitions are an important reminder of why I volunteer to serve on the board."

Shannon Kimball
Lawrence USD 497 
KASB Region 1 Vice-President

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“Over and over I see things that may not seem like a big deal to me, but greatly influence another district,” he said. “We all have unique challenges, and no one answer is the best answer for all. Those recognitions are an important reminder of why I volunteer to serve on the board." 
Kevin Schasteen
Paola USD 
Region 2 Vice-President

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“Our students deserve folks working for them, and I am honored to be an elected official given the trust to do this. We must also continue to advocate for local control, and work together through organizational assistance from KASB."

Gail Billman
Labette County USD 506
KASB Region 3 Vice-President

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"One of the most satisfying things I get to experience every year is high school graduation. Few things in life are better than seeing the enthusiasm and the energy of the young minds that the district has developed and is now sending out into the world to make a difference."

Curt Herrman
Manhattan  USD 383
Region 4 Vice-President

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"For me it’s important that we continue the traditions of excellence for our students that we are known for."
Lori Blake
Southeast of Saline Board of Education
KASB Region 5 Vice-President

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“Now in my third term, I keep seeking re-election because I love kids and want to support our schools."

Gina McGowan
Ellsworth USD 327
KASB Region 7 Vice-President

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“I love kids and have always wanted all children to do the best that they are capable of achieving."

Gary Yost
Otis-Bison USD 407
KASB Region 8 Vice-President

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“It’s important that people from all over the state keep volunteering to share their time and ideas in order to keep improving the quality of education being offered to the children of Kansas."

Tracy Rogers
Colby USD 315 Board of Education
KASB Region 9 Vice-President

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“Seeing the kids being excited about learning, handing the graduates their diplomas and watching them succeed in the world, working with and talking to parents and our community about our great district, I truly value it all."

Pam Robinson
Blue Valley USD 229 Board of Education
KASB Region 11 Vice-President

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“Good schools are a necessity if you want to attract new residents and industry, and keep our current residents and patrons engaged and supportive”

Deb Zilla
Shawnee Mission USD 512 Board of Education
KASB Region 12 Vice-President

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“Part of my reason for continuing on the board was the desire to explore ways to adjust to the cultural shifts in our city and schools,” she said, “and finding ways to help our staff serve this diverse population of students well.”

Evelyn Hill
Kansas City USD 500
KASB Region 13 Vice-President

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“I particularly love graduation and the look of hope and promise in the face of each one of the students as they receive their diplomas."

Betty Arnold
Wichita USD 259 Board of Education
KASB Region 14 Vice-President

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