Partners and Support

KASB is proud to have businesses and organizations demonstrate their support of its mission by participating in the KASB Partnership Program, underwriting opportunities and supporting the annual convention. These opportunities support KASB's work with school boards by giving members access to products or services that help meet their needs in a cost-effective manner and and improve efficiency.

Prestigious Partners

Trane is a KASB Prestigious Partner and a Preferred Provider of energy services.

As a global leader in energy and comfort solutions, Trane is a proven leader in providing high performance classrooms and sustainable schools that are fiscally and environmentally responsible, and that can significantly improve the quality and cost-effective delivery of education. Part of Trane’s comprehensive program approach includes their innovation BTU Crew™ curriculum, an educational program on energy use and conservation in buildings, as well as STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) career exploration. These programs reinforce local college and career readiness programs with access to state-of-the-art career exploration and training opportunities.

Trane and KASB Partnership Media Release

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Advantages for the Education Industry - we assist more than 3,600 school districts nationwide with their Section 125 programs.  

American Fidelity Assurance is a KASB Prestigious Partner and a Preferred Provider of services and benefits customized to meet the unique needs of public education employees and employers.

American Fidelity Assurance is a leader in benefits to educators nationwide. They currently provide no-cost Section 125 plan services to 153 School Districts in Kansas and 30 additional Service Centers, Coops, and Community Colleges. Their unique position as a leader in this market provides many of our member schools a high standard of service, a strong variety of voluntary insurance benefits for your employees to choose from and a state-of-the-art no-cost Section 125 plan services and recordkeeping for flexible spending plan services. American Fidelity Assurance is also a great source for KASB members looking for health care reform compliance and education and other supplemental insurance benefits.

In addition these services, KASB and American Fidelity have partnered in the design of benefits available only to KASB members. The new statewide Group Life program and new KASB Vision Plan are invaluable additions to your current benefit offerings. 

Preferred Providers

KASB recommends implementing paperless meeting solutions - a remarkably wise investment!

 KASB's endorsed Student Accident Insurance is administered by Myers-Stevens and Toohey Company, 
Inc. and underwritten by BCS Insurance Company. Click on the logo to find out more. 

 WRM America is KASB's endorsed Property/Casualty Insurance Program.  This program is a fully insured plan for all lines of coverage required by schools with the exception of Workers Compensation, which is provided by KASB's Work Comp pool as an affiliated program of the association. Click on the logo to find out more. 


KASB Affiliated Partners

Workers Comp

KASB's Workers Compensation Fund, Inc. continues to support Kansas education by providing competitively priced workers compensation insurance coverage to save school district dollars. A fundamental guiding principle of the Pool is the assurance to school officials that local taxpayers will not have to bear the cost of unnecessarily assuming risk even when the marketplace changes dramatically, as it has over the last several years.  

Kansas Joint Utility Management Program

KASB's KJUMP is a natural gas purchasing cooperative sponsored by the Kansas Association of School Boards. It is not a supplier of natural gas but “pools” the natural gas needs of its members to realize savings in energy costs.