Training and Presentations on Legal Issues and Topics

KASB's legal staff provides training to boards of education, administrative teams and building-level staff. Topics are customized to fit local needs and expectations. Staff members can provide staff development sessions for back-to-school meetings, retreats and staff development days throughout the school year.

The department also sponsors a number of workshops, seminars and webinars through the year. See 'training' under "About KASB" for more details, or check the events calendar on the KASB homepage.

On-site Staff Development

Legal Services offers customized training for staff, administrators and board members. KASB Legal Staff provides timely staff development and on-site training programs and presentations covering a variety of legal and education topics. Choose from suggested topics or we will help you customize training to meet your local needs.

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Whole Board Training

Whole Board Training works with an individual board (or in some cases, a group of boards in a region) to discuss issues, provide information and establish policies and procedures addressing individual board needs. KASB's attorneys are available to travel to your district and work with your board. Time constraints and travel costs are significantly reduced when training can be conducted in the district, and often this gives all board members the opportunity to participate.

Whole Board Training activities can be conducted by any of the KASB staff on any topic. We have the staff and expertise to design a program tailored to your local needs.

Why participate?
  • On-site training enables more individuals to attend;
  • Several districts in an area may join together to save costs;
  • It reduces time constraints and travel time for board members;
  • Individualized instruction is customized to meet local needs;
  • Handout information is provided;
  • Follow-up activities are available upon request; and
  • Practical suggestions and guidelines are offered to address local issues.

Topic ideas for legal training:

  • Activity programs
  • Advocacy issues
  • Copyright laws
  • Crisis planning
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Free speech
  • District surveys
  • Legal rights and responsibilities
  • Policy issues
  • Property and liability insurance
  • School law
  • Harassment
  • Special education
  • Student discipline 

Whole board training is also conducted on a number of boardsmanship and leadership topics. See leadership training for details!