KASB Legal Services

KASB Legal Assistance Fund

Any KASB member is eligible to become a member of the Legal Assistance Fund (LAF). In order to comply with court rules concerning the “attorney/client privilege and establish the attorney/client relationship,” a separate service fee is charged for membership in the LAF. This permits board members and administrators from member districts to call and ask specific legal questions of the KASB staff attorneys concerning local application of school laws. Members of the LAF have the right to request written opinions on specific legal questions.

Members may also, for additional charges, retain KASB attorneys to represent the district.

Labor Relations

Labor relations is influenced by federal and state laws, regulations, court decisions, board policy, negotiated agreements and district customs and practices.  KASB provides services and information to assist boards in developing sound labor-management practices including:
  • Conducting negotiations:  impasse procedures, representation at hearings, contract analysis, telephone inquiry and research data
  • Hiring and employment interviews.
  • Job descriptions, evaluations, terminations.
  • Prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment claims.


KASB will provide an experienced negotiator to serve as chief spokesperson for the board during contract negotiations.  Review of the current agreement, preparation of the February 1 notice, drafting of proposals, analyze association proposals, strategy recommendations and at-the-table presentations and discussions are all part of this service.  This full-service starts with negotiation preparation and concludes with the drafting of the final agreement.
The labor relations staff is available to answer questions concerning proposals, new or existing contract language, strategy, procedures, impasse and other negotiation issues.