School Board Policies

KASB’s extensive policy service helps school districts analyze and update current school policies, comply with new laws, develop policy manuals and customize district handbooks. KASB provides sample policies and school forms in print and electronically.

Policy Review Service

This service checks that district policies include recent changes in state and federal laws and regulations, ensures policies have been updated with KASB recommended updates for the past three years, and finds conflicts between personnel policies and negotiated agreements. The contract fee is based on enrollment.

Written Policy Audit

KASB offers a total rewrite of a district’s current policy. The audit process involves a review of handbooks and the negotiated agreements. The district receives a complete updated policy manual as well as an electronic copy of the policies.

E-Policy Service

KASB members can save time, money and paper by taking advantage of KASB's E-Policy service. The service includes conversion of the existing print policy book into a fully searchable PDF digital resource. Please contact KASB for additional information.

Staff and Student Handbook Review

Staff and student handbooks serve a vital communication function in the district, providing detailed rules and expectations for students, staff, and parents. After board approval, they have the force and effect of law in the district just like regular board policy. To keep your handbooks compliant with current law and KASB recommended best practices, KASB 's policy staff will review your handbooks, providing suggested revisions and explanations to help you tackle the updating process.

Crisis Plan Review

KASB staff has the resources and experience to review school district crisis plans and assist districts in keeping their plans effective and up-to-date.

Policy Updates

School board policies are published and distributed to all KASB member districts in June each year. These policies reflect the most recent changes in federal and state statute. Selected policies are also updated on an as needed basis. 

The most recent full update was distributed in June of 2013.  The update can be found below.

Policy Updates:
June 2013 Policy Updates:
February 2013 Policy Updates:
For additional information, please contact:
Angie Stallbaumer (
KASB staff attorney/policy specialist
785-273-3600, 800-432-2471