The KASB Advantage

Through our wide network of contacts and professional affiliations, KASB staff is well connected. We know the candidates, potential candidates and have long-standing relationships with contacts and references. We are based in Kansas, and committed to Kansas boards of education and Kansas public education.

Our Process - KASB is with you every step of the way!

Starting the Process

  • KASB staff visits a board of education meeting to outline the search process. The search is formally initiated upon agreement between the board of education and KASB.
  • KASB works with the board of education to develop the applicant criteria and a timeline for the selection process. The timeline is generally at least six to eight weeks between the announcement of the vacancy and the close of the application.

Developing the Screening Criteria and Screening Applicants

  • KASB meets with the board of education to conduct a characteristics forum identifying traits the board desires in a new superintendent.
  • KASB conducts characteristics focus group sessions with the community, students, teachers, administration or any group(s) the board considers appropriate to obtain input on what others view as desirable traits of the new leader.
  • KASB establishes a screening team to assist in the selection process. The team generally consists of a KASB representative, a Kansas superintendent and a third individual selected by the search team.
  • KASB receives all applications, conducts background checks and fields questions from those interested in the position. Completed applications will be brought to the district on screening day and should be maintained in the district for one year.
  • The KASB screening takes place as soon as possible following the closing date for the position. The screening team is typically in the district during the day and meets with the board in the evening to recommend three to five finalists.
  • KASB meets with the board to discuss the process to help boards prepare for the visit of each candidate. This will include sample questions and suggestions for conducting the interview, questions that should not be asked, format for the candidate visits to the district, recommended procedures to follow after interviews are completed and considerations to be discussed when offering a contract.
  • Throughout the search process, KASB provides the board with relative data designed to help the board make an informed decision. This data includes a salary comparison of the local district with school districts of comparable size.

Advertising the Vacancy

  • KASB posts the vacancy on its web site and establishes the on-line application process. Posting on the KASB website links the vacancy to other state board association search sites. KASB is also affiliated with the National Association of Superintendent Searchers. Through the combined resources of KASB and the National School Board Association, your vacancy receives nation-wide exposure.
  • KASB provides assistance in developing an informational brochure. We can design the brochure to your specifications, or provide helpful hints and suggestions if you prefer to use an in-house design process. The brochure will be posted on the KASB website and can also be sent to all Kansas districts as well as selected colleges and universities.   

Selecting the Top Candidate and Making the Announcement

  • As the board moves toward selecting from the finalists, KASB provides the board with a sample contract as a guide for discussion with the final candidate.
  • KASB provides the board and new superintendent with on-going support by conducting an expectation and goal setting session with the board and new superintendent.
  • KASB is available for follow-up consultation with the board, superintendent or both.