What to Expect

The board directs the search. The board chooses the best schedule and timeline to fit the needs of the district, and makes the final selection of the candidates to interview.
The search is confidential. We are committed to guarding each applicant's privacy. This helps attract the best qualified candidates.

KASB brings integrity and experience to the process. Our role is to guide the process and advise the board.

As your membership organization, we understand how school boards function and what their needs are. And we understand Kansas. We have personal knowledge of every superintendent in our state. With our professional networking and our web-based application process your search will include both national and statewide exposure.

We work as a team. You get the entire KASB staff and their experience working for your benefit, not just a single consultant.

You get one inclusive fee quoted for our services. That quote is based on your district's size plus travel and expenses. At no additional charge we will develop a professionally designed vacancy announcement brochure and on-going promotion of the vacancy through KASB member communications.

A sample timeline might include: 


____________  Board announces its intention to seek a new superintendent.

____________  Board enters into an agreement with KASB to conduct the search and establishes the timeline.

____________  The vacancy is posted on the KASB website. A customized brochure is developed and distributed.

____________  KASB search staff and the board develop a list of suggested characteristics for the new superintendent to use in recruiting applicants and screening applications.

____________  Completed applications due to KASB.

____________  All completed applications are screened by a three-person team chaired by KASB. The screening is completed at the USD office, beginning at 9:30 a.m. and completed by 4:30 p.m.

____________  The board of education meets at 5:30 p.m. (or an earlier or later meeting at the board's discretion) on the day of the screening to hear the report from the screening committee. KASB's practice is to present three to five names and one alternate to the board for consideration. 

____________  Following deliberation by the board, the board president should call the candidates to schedule an interview. Interviews should be scheduled as soon after the screening as possible. KASB will provide a suggested interview schedule and community involvement process if requested. We strongly advise that not more than one candidate be interviewed on a single day. 

____________  Following completion of all interviews, the board should reach a consensus on its first and second choice. The first choice should be called first and a time for a district visit should be arranged. If the results of the visit are positive, the individual should be offered a contract immediately.