Workers Compensation Insurance

The Kansas Association of School Boards Workers Compensation Fund, Inc. continues to support Kansas education by providing competitively priced workers compensation insurance coverage to save school district dollars.

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A fundamental guiding principle of the Pool is the assurance to school officials that local taxpayers will not have to bear the cost of unnecessarily assuming risk even when the marketplace changes dramatically, as it has over the last several years.

The Pool makes it possible for member school districts, education service units and community colleges to operate without undue concern regarding the ability to find sound, stable workers compensation insurance coverage at reasonable premiums.  Many competing insurance products focus only on achieving the lowest premium costs, without regard for the coverage and services necessary to adequately protect the school district, education service units or community college. 

As prices rise, many insurance carriers reduce coverage, increase deductibles, move claims service out-of-state, reduce loss control and safety services, all while trying to convince the school district their product is the right one for the district.  Although the up-front initial premium cost is generally considered the most significant factor, buyers should also consider the financial impact for not having adequate coverage, claim services, loss control services and lower deductibles.

Rather than having profits from an insurance program flow back to stockholders, the Pool is designed to return favorable operation results to the members.  Favorable operating results are returned to you through dividends or a reduction in future premium costs and better loss control consultations.

The Pool is available even when insurance may otherwise be difficult to obtain.  The Pool has a unique first-hand understanding of the issues the boards of education and school districts face on a day-to-day basis.  Rates are based on Kansas school districts’ exposure.

The only prerequisite for participation in the Pool is membership in the Kansas Association of School Boards.  The Pool has never cancelled or not provided a bid to a KASB member.

For more information, contact Fund Administrator Liz Maisberger-Clark at or 785.273.3600.