HB 2410 Testimony (3/23/2017) 
   Creating the Kansas school equity and enhancement act.
 HB 2374 Testimony (3/22/2017) 
   Expanding the tax credit for low income students scholarship program.
 Presentation on School Expenditures by Function (3/13/2017) 
   School Expenditures by Function
 SB 146 Testimony (3/13/2017) 
   Continuation of 20 mill statewide levy for schools and property tax exemption of certain portion of property used for residential purposes from such levy.
 SB 192 Testimony (3/13/2017) 
   Under Kansas income tax act; providing rate changes, determination of Kansas adjusted gross income and sunsetting certain modifications, itemized deductions.
 HB 2379 Testimony (3/13/2017) 
   Requiring school district exepnditure reporting under the Kansas uniform financial accounting and reporting act.
 HB 2094 - S Testimony (3/7/2017) 
   Municipalities; contracts with other municipalities.
 HB 2347 Testimony (2/20/2017) 
   School District Finance and Student Success Act
 HB 2346 Testimony (2/17/2017) 
   Administration of school district finance by the state board of education.
 HB 2344 Testimony (2/17/2017) 
   Requiring the adoption of a local foundation budget by each school district.
 HB 2270 Testimony (2/15/2017) 
   Creating the education finance act.
 HB 2264 - Testimony (2/15/2017) 
   Allowing juveniles who commit a crime using a firearm to be sentenced to placement in a juvenile correctional facility.
 SCR 1602 Testimony (2/15/2017) 
   Constitutional amendment to prescribe revenue, expenditure and taxation limitations on state government
 HB 2324 Testimony (2/15/2017) 
   School district finance and quality performance act of 2017.
 SB 188 Testimony (2/14/2017) 
   Concerning Income Tax
 HB 2247 - Testimony (2/14/2017) 
   Authorizing legal publications on internet websites.
 HB 2345 Testimony (2/14/2017) 
   Authorizing school districts to adopt a local actitivities budget and levy property taxes for the finance thereof.
 HB 2179 - Testimony (2/14/2017) 
   Due process for terminating teachers' contracts.
 HB 2237 - Testimony (2/7/2017) 
   Concerning taxation
 HB 2242 - Testimony (2/7/2017) 
   Classroom Based Funding Act
 HB 2243 - Testimony (2/6/2017) 
   Authorizing school security officers to use certain types of emergency safety interventions
 SB 147 Testimony (2/6/2017) 
   Concerning income tax
 HB 2178 - Testimony (2/2/2017) 
   Concerning income tax; rates; itemized deduction for certain medical expenses
 SB 76 Testimony (2/2/2017) 
   Professional occupations; restrictions on fees and licensing requirements.
 HB 2048 - Testimony (2/2/2017) 
   School district plan addressing child sexual abuse; estabishing Erin's law.
 HB 2143 - Testimony (2/1/2017) 
   School districts; relating to the department of administration; procurement of certain items and services
 SB 27 Testimony (2/1/2017) 
   Appropriation revisions for FY 2017, FY 2018 and FY 2019 for various state agencies
 HB 2059 - Testimony (1/31/2017) 
   Workers compensation; relating to medical guides for the determination of permanent
 HB 2094 - Testimony (1/26/2017) 
   Municipalities; contracts with other municipalities.
 HB 2052 - Testimony (1/26/2017) 
   Appropriation revisions for FY 2017, FY 2018 and FY 2019 for various state agencies.
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