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School Board Member Profiles

 Gail Billman, KASB Region 3 Vice-President (3/30/2017) 
   Gail Billman, Labette County USD 506 Board of Education, Region 3 Vice-President
 Kevin Schasteen, KASB Region 2 Vice-President (3/30/2017) 
   Kevin Schasteen, Paola USD 368, Region 2 Vice-President
 Curt Herrman, KASB Region 4 Vice-President (3/30/2017) 
   Curt Herrman, Manhattan-Ogden USD 383 Board of Education, Region 4 Vice-President
 School board member spotlight: Dr. Ferrel Miller (10/7/2016) 
 Gary Yost, KASB Region 8 Vice-President (9/28/2016) 
   Gary Yost, Otis-Bison USD 403 Board of Education, Region 8 Vice-President
 Shannon Kimball, KASB Region 1 Vice-President (9/28/2016) 
   Shannon Kimball, Lawrence USD 497 Board of Education, Region 1 Vice-President
 Susan Walston, KASB Region 6 Vice-President (9/28/2016) 
   Debi Mansch, Belle Plaine USD 357 Board of Education, Region 6 Vice-President
 Lori Blake, KASB Region 5 Vice-President (9/28/2016) 
   Lori Blake, Southeast of Saline USD 306 Board of Education, Region 5 Vice-President
 Tracy Rogers, KASB Region 9 Vice-President (9/28/2016) 
   Tracy Rogers, Colby USD 315 Board of Education, Region 9 Vice-President
 Lara Bors KASB Region 10 Vice-President (9/28/2016) 
   Margaret Nightengale, Ulysses USD 214 Board of Education, Region 10 Vice-President
 Pam Robinson, KASB Region 11 Vice-President (9/28/2016) 
   Pam Robinson, Blue Valley USD 229 Board of Education, Region 11 Vice-President
 Gina McGowan, KASB Region 7 Vice-President (9/28/2016) 
   Gina McGowan, Ellsworth USD 327 Board of Education, Region 7 Vice-President
 Honoring School Board Members (5/11/2016) 
   Recognizing board members for their commitment to student success is important so that they receive the thanks they deserve for their efforts and talents.
 School Board Member Spotlight: Marcel Harmon (5/5/2016) 
   As the son of public school teachers (and farmers), public education has been a part of Marcel Harmon’s life since early childhood.
 School Board Member Spotlight: Aaron Estabrook (5/5/2016) 
   Sometimes, a person has to get out and see the world to truly appreciate what’s back at home.
 School Board Member Spotlight: Verna Raines (4/7/2016) 
   Verna Raines, a member of the Leavenworth USD 453 board of education, explains how her role as an educator helped her as a board member.
 School Board Member Spotlight: Dr. Jackie Glasgow, Wellington USD 353 (3/30/2016) 
   Dr. Jackie Glasgow was a teacher and administrator in Wellington USD 353 for 40 years before retiring in 2012.