Elections/School Governance

 Trump signs order on federal regulations (4/27/2017) 
   President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order allowing U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to propose getting rid of any federal regulations she determines intrude unlawfully on state and local control of public schools.
 NSBA issues call to action to avoid government shutdown (4/25/2017) 
   The National School Board Association is encouraging education advocates to contact their members of Congress and urge them to avoid a government shutdown and approve appropriations for education and other federal programs.
 State Board to hold special Saturday meeting on federal issues (4/20/2017) 
   The State Board of Education will meet with U.S. Senator Jerry Moran at 9 a.m. on Saturday to discuss federal education issues.
 KASB analysis shows how new school funding could be used to improve student success (3/23/2017) 
   As legislators debate a new school finance formula, KASB has provided an analysis of how increased funding could be used to improve student success.
 KASB's school finance tracking document (3/17/2017) 
   Here is a link to that document. Next week, more in-depth discussions are expected on school finance.
 Kansas Capitol Connection: A weekly summary of education-related developments before the Legislature (3/17/2017) 
   Spring break? Not for Kansas school leaders.
 HB 2094 on contracting heard in Senate committee (3/9/2017) 
   The Senate Ethics, Elections & Local Government Committee held a hearing Wednesday on House Bill 2094, which would expand the definition of ‘municipality’ to include school districts, library districts, road districts, water districts,
 HB 2094 - S Testimony (3/7/2017) 
   Municipalities; contracts with other municipalities.
 HB 2347 Testimony (2/20/2017) 
   School District Finance and Student Success Act
 HB 2344 Testimony (2/17/2017) 
   Requiring the adoption of a local foundation budget by each school district.
 HB 2247 - Testimony (2/14/2017) 
   Authorizing legal publications on internet websites.
 KASB webinar today on school funding, taxes, health insurance (2/10/2017) 
   KASB will conduct a webinar at 12:30 p.m. today to review legislative action on proposals to cut school funding, increase taxes and consolidate school district health plans.
 HB 2237 - Testimony (2/7/2017) 
   Concerning taxation
 HB 2242 - Testimony (2/7/2017) 
   Classroom Based Funding Act
 SB 147 Testimony (2/6/2017) 
   Concerning income tax
 HB 2178 - Testimony (2/2/2017) 
   Concerning income tax; rates; itemized deduction for certain medical expenses
 SB 76 Testimony (2/2/2017) 
   Professional occupations; restrictions on fees and licensing requirements.
 SB 27 Testimony (2/1/2017) 
   Appropriation revisions for FY 2017, FY 2018 and FY 2019 for various state agencies
 HB 2143 - Testimony (2/1/2017) 
   School districts; relating to the department of administration; procurement of certain items and services
 HB 2094 - Testimony (1/26/2017) 
   Municipalities; contracts with other municipalities.
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