We've Been Asked

 Kansas ranked among top states in student achievement and efficient spending (6/4/2015) 
   The Kansas public school system is the “Moneyball” of education in the country.
 We’ve Been Asked: What are the real facts in school funding changes? (5/13/2015) 
   KASB received the following comments and questions from a local school newspaper editor.
 We've Been Asked: What has been the economic impact of Kansas income tax cuts? (5/1/2015) 
   New data indicates that while the Kansas economy is growing, it has not improved compared to the rest of the nation or past performance.
 We've Been Asked: Are state revenues exceeding inflation? (4/23/2015) 
   Comparing revenue growth to inflation does not take into account growth in population, which includes those served by state programs such as K-12 funding.