Engaging Your Community - How KASB Can Help

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Tom Krebs tkrebs@kasb.org
Governmental Relation Specialist
Kansas Association of School Boards
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KASB brings you three proven community engagement strategies

Community Conversation 

Invite boards, site councils, staff, parents, civic groups, legislators. Or focus first on site councils and staff. It’s up to you! This Community Conversation model takes approximately two hours and can be facilitated by a KASB staff member. The “Rose Capacities” will be the jumping-off point for an energetic, guided discussion focusing on expectations for success and what is required to meet those expectations. 

Flexible. Focused. Facilitated. 

KASB will help you design the process that works best for you.

Leadership for Success

Create awareness and build understanding through a local Leadership for Success program. Based on KASB’s highly successful Leadership for Tomorrow, this community engagement model includes three to five sessions spread out over a three month time-frame (or whatever works best in your community). 

Identify a core group of community leaders who come together to observe programs, hear presentations and participate in discussions (led by you or a KASB facilitator). KASB provides a template to get your started and helps you develop a local “curriculum” designed to build understanding and support for making sure every child is successful. One session will include presentations by KASB staff and a discussion of how local priorities fit within the “Rose Capacities” and state-driven policies.

Start Talking

KASB provides training and resources to engage your community through technology and social media.

It is the perfect way to create a two-way dialogue focusing on sharing information and increasing understanding. The first step to creating understanding and a shared vision is to Start Talking!