The KASB advocacy staff works with the Kansas Legislature, Kansas State Department of Education, Kansas congressional delegation and others on matters of concern for public education.  KASB membership provides boards of education with a unified voice for public education in Kansas through the Governmental Relations Network.  Board members benefit through:

  • Testimony at hearings
  • Daily contact with legislators during the legislative session
  • Daily monitoring of the legislative session
  • Drafting bills and amendments to bills
  • Participation in the Governmental Relations Network (GRN)
  • Receiving the Governmental Relations Bulletin weekly during the session
  • Receiving legislative updates electronically during the session
  • Cooperation with other education groups and other advocacy groups on matters of mutual interest

Governmental Relations Network

The purpose of the GRN is to increase school board contact with local legislators.  Each school board is requested to appoint one member to the KASB Governmental Relations Network.  That person should agree to take the lead in working with local legislators and other public officials.  Each GRN member will receive a copy of the KASB Governmental Relations Bulletin as well as the board president and district superintendent.  They are also emailed action notices and background papers on key legislative issues.  Sometimes GRN members are asked to initiate contact with legislators when a fast response is needed on legislative action concerning education.

The KASB Web site also provides legislative information.  Members can find up-to-date information on legislators, senate and house committee assignments, the current week’s bill status chart, bill summaries, and testimony given by KASB staff members.

KASB members may receive current and up-to-date information from the capitol via email.  Emails are sent on an as-needed basis to those who have signed up to receive them.