SB 234 - Testimony (3/25/2015) 
   State finances; relating to state general fund tax receipts and expenditures; providing a tax amnesty; creating a budget stabilization fund, tax reduction fund; ending balances; income tax rates; itemized deductions; reports to the legislature.
 SB 294 - Testimony (3/24/2015) 
   Creating the education finance act of 2015; making and concerning appropriations for fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, for the department of education.
 SB 188 - House Testimony (3/23/2015) 
   Publication requirements under the Kansas uniform financial accounting and reporting act.
 SB 216 - Testimony (3/18/2015) 
   Substitute for SB 216 by Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice - Creating the Kansas school security act.
 HB 2163 Senate Testimony (3/17/2015) 
   Municipalities; contracts with other municipalities.
 HB 2237 - Testimony (3/16/2015) 
   Municipalities; use of internet as official publication.
 HB 2253 Testimony (3/16/2015) 
   Extending special employment after retirement provisions under KPERS for certain retirants who are teachers.
 HB 2378 - Testimony (3/11/2015) 
   Kansas Legislature Award for Teaching Excellence program
 Sub HB 2170 Testimony (3/11/2015) 
   Schools and school districts; seclusion and restraint of pupils.
 Sub SB 171 Testimony (3/11/2015) 
   Municipal elections; nonpartisan; fall odd-numbered years.
 SB 273 - Testimony (3/10/2015) 
   Creating the Classroom Learning Assuring Student Success Act
 HB 2403 - Testimony (3/9/2015) 
   Classroom Learning Assuring Student Success Act
 HB 2393-Testimony (3/5/2015) 
   School district accounting and financial publication requirements
 HB 2345 - Testimony (3/5/2015) 
   Prohibiting school board members from having a conflict of interest.
 HB 2394 - Testimony (3/5/2015) 
   Career technical education incentive draw down.
 HB 2307 - Testimony (3/4/2015) 
   State Finances
 HB 2262 - Testimony (3/4/2015) 
   Providing a compliance deadline and penalties for non-compliance with the student data privacy act.
 HB 2139 - Testimony (2/24/2015) 
   Tuition for Undocumented Immigrant Children
 HB 2292- Testimony (2/23/2015) 
   Enacting the local control of Kansas education act; relating to the student data privacy act.
 HB 2326 - Testimony (2/19/2015) 
   Contract negotiations for certain professional employees
 SB 65 - Testimony (2/19/2015) 
   Carrying of concealed handguns by public employees while engage in employment
 SB 194 Testimony (2/18/2015) 
   Creating the Kansas Public School Security Act
 HB 2174 - Testimony (2/18/2015) 
   Low Income Students Scholarship Program Act
 SB 176 - Testimony (2/18/2015) 
   Relating to limits on negotiations with professional employees' organizations
 HB 2203 - Testimony (2/18/2015) 
   School district agreements for consolidation of administrative services.
 HB 2306 - Testimony (2/18/2015) 
   Increasing rates of taxation on cigarettes, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.
 SB 188 - Testimony (2/17/2015) 
   Publication requirements under the Kansas Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Act
 DOE Budget - Testimony (2/17/2015) 
   Department of Education Budget
 HB 2199 - Testimony (2/16/2015) 
   Requires parents to "opt in" to instruction on health and human sexuality
 HB 2099 - Testimony (2/13/2015) 
   Student Data Privacy Protection Act
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