Senate finance bill hearing today; House hearings continue (4/1/2014) 
   Senate Ways & Means will receive testimony and may take action on a school finance plan proposed by Republican leaders and introduced as SB 452.
 Non-resident transportation law debated (2/18/2014) 
   HB 2454 restore's 10-mile threshold for entering other districts without permission to transport students & removes exemption for the four largest counties.
 Upcoming Hearings: Busing non-resident students; data privacy (2/14/2014) 
   Hearings on non-resident student transportation and student data privacy are scheduled for next week. More are expected.
 HB 2454 - Testimony (2/4/2014) 
   Transportation of Non-Resident Pupils
 Hearings next week - Jan 27-31 (1/30/2014) 
   Bills scheduled for hearings next week would limit school district participation in certain telecommunications services; change state policies on transportation of non-resident students; and require districts to adopt plans to address child sexual ab
 Hearing on busing out-of-district students cancelled; joint education meeting today (1/17/2014) 
   Next Wednesday’s scheduled hearing on HB 2215 in the House Education Budget Committee has been cancelled. The bill would restore the old 10 mile limit for transporting non-resident pupils in many districts.
 Another hearing on 2.5 miles bus rule (1/16/2014) 
   The House Education Budget Committee will hold another hearing on changing the 2.5 mile limit for transporting non-resident students back to 10 miles next Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.
 HB 2215-Testimony (2/13/2013) 
   Transportation of Non-Resident Pupils
 Planning for the weekend and the week ahead (2/8/2013) 
   KASB has updated its list of major education bills introduced so far this session. The list includes key points under the most significant bills.
 Constitutional amendment, collective bargaining, school finance court case update among topics on ne (2/7/2013) 
   Tax hearing, next week's bills in committee: This is an quick summary of some of the current issues monitored by KASB.
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