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 Common Core, state science standards would be blocked (2/14/2014) 
   A House bill would declare current state reading, math and science standards void, restrict the use of state assessment data...
 House and Senate budgets for K-12 funding take first steps (2/14/2014) 
   Senate Ways & Means Subcommittee on K-12 Education & House Ed Budget each approved Governor Brownback’s school finance adjustments
 State Board recommends individual plans of study (1/15/2014) 
   The State Board of voted 9-1 Tuesday to “strongly recommend” that districts establish Individual Plans of Study (IPS) for students starting in eighth grade.
 State Board goes with local group to write new assessments (12/12/2013) 
   The KSBE voted 8-2 Tuesday to contract with the University of Kansas Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation to write the state’s assessments.
 KASB Delegate Assembly approves policy positions (12/10/2013) 
   Delegates approved policy recommendations for improving ed outcomes, focusing on raising educational standards, providing suitable finance & strengthening local school leadership.
 Preliminary Legislative Committee Report (9/4/2013) 
   The preliminary report of the 2013 KASB Legislative Committee, as adopted at its meeting on Aug. 24, is now available.
 Emergency Safety Intervention, data collection and privacy robust topics at August State Board meeti (8/16/2013) 
   Although it was not an action item, the Emergency Safety Intervention update generated robust board discussion Wednesday morning at the Kansas State Board of Education meeting.
 Budget, taxes, guns, elections, charter schools, more (3/13/2013) 
   The House Appropriations Committee voted Tuesday to approve a budget bill that reduces spending levels proposed by Governor Sam Brownback, but did not consider any reductions in K-12 state aid. Also Tuesday, the House Tax Committee approved an alter
 Suitable finance, Carnegie ban, election hearing today and more (2/20/2013) 
   Suitable finance, Carnegie ban, election hearing today and more
 Governor's School Efficiency Report media release (1/22/2013) 
   Governor Sam Brownback has released the report from the Governor's school efficiency task force. KASB will provide additional analysis and commentary later today.
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