School Finance Trial

 House and Senate bills move in different directions (4/4/2014) 
   House will debate bill that fully funds school finance equity aid and allows all districts to increase LOB with equalization.
 Senate school funding debate tonight; House schedule unknown (4/3/2014) 
   Kansas Senate to debate bill for school finance & appropriations for K-12 and higher education, budget for the rest of state government.
 School finance bills ready for House and Senate debate (4/2/2014) 
   House Appropriations & Senate Ways and Means worked late into the evening Tuesday, completing plans to address the Gannon school finance decision.
 SB 452 - Testimony (4/1/2014) 
   School Finance Litigation
 Virtual schools, not transportation aid, take a hit in new version of House bill (4/1/2014) 
   The House Appropriations Committee heard from opponents of HB 2774, the bill introduced in the House to address the Gannon decision .
 Senate finance bill hearing today; House hearings continue (4/1/2014) 
   Senate Ways & Means will receive testimony and may take action on a school finance plan proposed by Republican leaders and introduced as SB 452.
 HB 2447 - Testimony (3/31/2014) 
   School Finance Legislative
 House committee to review school finance response; no Senate plan yet (3/26/2014) 
   House Appropriations is scheduled to get a staff review this morning on HB 2774.
 New school funding proposal released (3/25/2014) 
   House Republican leaders introduced a new bill to address the Gannon Supreme Court. The bill provides full funding for LOB & Capital Outlay state aid...
 No action on school finance Monday morning (3/24/2014) 
   A hearing on a House plan to address school finance combined with a list of controversial policy changes was cancelled this morning.
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