Senate takes action on KPERS bills (3/26/2014) 
   The Senate passed four KPERS bills on Tuesday.
 House Pensions and Benefits passes on opportunity to move out a KPERS bill (3/20/2014) 
   After discussion, House Pensions and Benefits chose not to act on the issue of working after retirement, likely delaying any decision until next session.
 Senate, House committees working KPERS bills (3/18/2014) 
   House Pensions & Benefits met Monday morning and heard HB 2760 - working-after-retirement.
 Committee discusses working-after-retirement (WAR) options (3/11/2014) 
   House Pensions & Benefits considered a number of potential remedies for what it believes are serious problems with the current working after retirement laws & practice.
 Senate Select KPERS Committee hears SB 425 (3/6/2014) 
   Most of the bill was the contents of HB 2533
 House Pensions and Benefits hears working-after-retirement update (2/27/2014) 
   The current working after retirement law faces problems from new studies, showing it increases the liability of the pension system & may not comply with federal requirements.
 Cash balance plan for KPERS to move ahead (2/25/2014) 
   House Pensions & Benefits, on a voice vote, turned back a bill that would have changed the KPERS cash balance plan, slated to start next year, to a defined contribution plan.
 New proposal would transfer KPERS to defined contribution plan (2/20/2014) 
   House Pensions & Benefits heard testimony Wednesday morning on HB 2519. The bill would have all new employees hired January 1, 2016, or later participate in a KPERS defined contribution plan.
 Other Wednesday activities (1/23/2014) 
   KPERS actuarial report; Kansas Board of Regent initiatives; state of Kansas economy
 Back for a short work week (1/21/2014) 
   Today’s legislative schedule includes a review of the workforce development and career technical education programs before a joint meeting of the House and Senate Education Committee at 1 p.m.
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