Elections/School Governance

 Caution urged on district teacher due process action (4/14/2014) 
   Since the passage of HB 2506 last weekend, school leaders have been contacting KASB with questions about how their districts should respond to the provisions concerning teacher due process (tenure).
 State Board hears about innovative districts (4/9/2014) 
   Although there was nothing in the statute that created them calling for such a meeting, the two superintendents of the recently selected innovative districts appeared at the KSBOE meeting.
 State assessments report by CETE to State Board (4/9/2014) 
   The board also received a report from the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation (CETE) covering just shy of half of the testing window.
 Data privacy, KSHSAA bills to conference committee (4/1/2014) 
   The Senate voted not to concur in House amendments to SB 367, the student data privacy act, and requested a conference committee.
 House passes student data privacy bill on General Orders, Final Action (3/27/2014) 
   The House approved on voice vote yesterday SB 367, which addresses student data privacy
 No debate on election bills scheduled; data privacy on House calendar (3/26/2014) 
   Neither the House nor Senate will debate bills changing school board and other local elections today
 No debate on school board elections scheduled today (3/25/2014) 
   Neither the House nor Senate has scheduled debate on bills making changes in school board and other local elections on “general orders” today.
 Committee approves changes in open records request charges (3/25/2014) 
   Senate Federal and State Affairs recommended an amended version of SB 10.
 Governor outlines “guiding principles” for education funding (3/20/2014) 
   Governor Sam Brownback issued a statement on education funding Thursday afternoon, calling for legislators to fully fund equalization aid for local option budgets and capital outlay.
 Fiscal literacy bill passes House (3/20/2014) 
   HB 2475 instructs the KS State Board of Ed to improve standards for fiscal literacy-does not mandate a high school grad requirement.
 SB 367 - Testimony (3/18/2014) 
   Student Data Privacy Act
 SCR 1619 - Testimony (3/18/2014) 
   Information Technology Education in Kansas Public Schools
 Committee approves House elections bill - again (3/18/2014) 
   House Elections voted Monday to recommend HB 2227, which would move school board and other local elections from April to Nov. of odd-numbered years.
 School bills scheduled for the debate today (3/18/2014) 
   The Kansas House is set to debate HB 2475 concerning student financial literacy education.
 Bill on open records charges to be heard Wednesday (3/13/2014) 
   House Fed & State Affairs will consider SB 10, which sets a new scheduled for allowed fees for materials provided under open records requests.
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