Common Core Standards

 State assessments report by CETE to State Board (4/9/2014) 
   The board also received a report from the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation (CETE) covering just shy of half of the testing window.
 House Education Committee doesn’t work bills; discusses Common Core event (3/20/2014) 
   Rep. Kelley informed the committee of an event she was planning in April that would allow for a broad-based discussion of the Common Core
 Common Core repeal bill draws overflow crowd to hearing (2/20/2014) 
   HB 2621 would make null and void three current state curriculum standards adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education
 HB 2621 - Testimony (2/19/2014) 
   Curriculum Standards
 Debate opens on student data, standards and assessment (2/18/2014) 
   Hearings yesterday and today focused on student data privacy, and hearings open tomorrow on a bill to repeal the Common Core and science standards.
 House and Senate budgets for K-12 funding take first steps (2/14/2014) 
   Senate Ways & Means Subcommittee on K-12 Education & House Ed Budget each approved Governor Brownback’s school finance adjustments
 Preliminary Legislative Committee Report (9/4/2013) 
   The preliminary report of the 2013 KASB Legislative Committee, as adopted at its meeting on Aug. 24, is now available.
 Common Core issue still unresolved (5/30/2013) 
   Controversy over the Common Core academic standards and related issues continues at the state Legislature. KASB opposes efforts to block funding for implementation of the Common Core at the Kansas State Board of Education or school district level.
 Budget, taxes and standards not resolved on 90th day (5/23/2013) 
   The three big issues for K-12 education - budget, taxes and Common Core standards – remain unsolved as the Legislature begins the 90th day of the 2013 session.
 Common Core provision excluded from budget, negotiators reach agreement on budget (5/22/2013) 
   House and Senate negotiators reached agreement Tuesday afternoon on a budget that does NOT include a controversial provision blocking state funding for the Common Core academic standards and testing.
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