Virtual schools, not transportation aid, take a hit in new version of House bill (4/1/2014) 
   The House Appropriations Committee heard from opponents of HB 2774, the bill introduced in the House to address the Gannon decision .
 House Education Committee doesn’t work bills; discusses Common Core event (3/20/2014) 
   Rep. Kelley informed the committee of an event she was planning in April that would allow for a broad-based discussion of the Common Core
 SB 22 - Testimony (2/21/2014) 
   Corporate Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program
 SB 196 - Testimony (2/14/2014) 
   Public Charter Schools
 Charter school bill could transform public education (2/12/2014) 
   SB 196 would allow the KSBOE & KBOR, colleges and universities, cities and counties to approve operators of public schools without involvement of local school boards.
 Bill would expand who could authorize and operate public schools (2/11/2014) 
   Hearing Friday on SB 196, which would allow public and private colleges, the KSBOE & KBOR, & city & county governments to authorize “public charter schools” independent of local school boards.
 Conference agreement reached on several ed issues (4/3/2013) 
   The conference committee of the Senate Education and House Education Committees has agreed on the four bills it was assigned.
 Conference Committees open on weapons, education bills (4/1/2013) 
   The first day of the last week of the regular session opened with a conference committee on weapons in public building, including schools, and setting the stage for conference negotiations on a long list of education bills.
 Legislature heads to conference committee week (3/27/2013) 
   The House and Senate worked late into Tuesday night to finish floor debate on a long list of bills. The House took emergency final action on its bills last night and adjourned until next Monday. The Senate was scheduled to take final action this mo
 Focus shifts to floor debate, Conference Committees (3/25/2013) 
   With just two weeks to go in the regular part of the 2013 session, the House and Senate will spend the next three days debating bills on the floor. The Legislature will not meet Thursday or Friday.
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