Accounting and Budgets

 House and Senate bills move in different directions (4/4/2014) 
   House will debate bill that fully funds school finance equity aid and allows all districts to increase LOB with equalization.
 Senate school funding debate tonight; House schedule unknown (4/3/2014) 
   Kansas Senate to debate bill for school finance & appropriations for K-12 and higher education, budget for the rest of state government.
 Summary of Governor’s budget summary, Fiscal Years 2014 and 2015 (1/17/2014) 
   Governor Sam Brownback recommended increased funding for K-12 education programs in the budget he released January 17 for the current fiscal year (2013-14) and next year (2014-15).
 LPA committee grants district’s request (1/16/2014) 
   The Legislative Post Audit Committee granted Auburn-Washburn USD 437’s request to postpone an audit by LPA auditors scheduled for the 2013-14 school year for one year.
 Senate passes new tax plan (5/24/2013) 
   The Senate voted 24-15 Thursday night for a new tax plan that offset part of the income tax reductions approved this year, but also provides future income tax rate cuts through 2018. Assuming state revenues grow at projected levels, the plan would s
 Budget, taxes and standards not resolved on 90th day (5/23/2013) 
   The three big issues for K-12 education - budget, taxes and Common Core standards – remain unsolved as the Legislature begins the 90th day of the 2013 session.
 Common Core provision excluded from budget, negotiators reach agreement on budget (5/22/2013) 
   House and Senate negotiators reached agreement Tuesday afternoon on a budget that does NOT include a controversial provision blocking state funding for the Common Core academic standards and testing.
 State budget could block spending (5/17/2013) 
   A proposal to block the Kansas State Board of Education and local districts from spending any general fund state aid or special revenue funds to implement to Common Core.
 Movement on taxes and budget (5/16/2013) 
   For the first time in the week-old 2013 Veto Session, a compromise proposal on tax policy was made by the Kansas House.
 Balances, bullying, Freedom Week bill passes on another slow day (5/10/2013) 
   On a vote of 119-3, the Kansas House adopted a conference committee report Thursday on HB 2261
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