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Capitol Updates

 State Board holding focus groups on Commissioner search (6/30/2014) 
 Senate passes Data Privacy Act (6/30/2014) 
   The Senate voted 40-0 Thursday to pass SB 367, creating the student data privacy act.
 KASB statement relating to the 2014 Legislative Session (6/30/2014) 
   The 2014 Legislative Session brought more authority, responsibility and accountability to local school boards in the operation of Kansas public schools.
 Regents receive recommendations for remedial education issues (6/20/2014) 
   A KBOR working group has recommended a series of steps to address “developmental education,” commonly called remedial courses.
 Declining state revenues require more internal borrowing (6/20/2014) 
   State leaders authorized the use of $675 million from other funds to manage cash flow in the state general fund in the coming fiscal year - more than double the amount in the year just ending.
 First two Innovative Districts approved (6/13/2014) 
   The State Board unanimously approved McPherson USD 418 and Concordia USD 333 as the first innovative school districts.
 California due process laws ruled unconstitutional (6/13/2014) 
   North Carolina judge ruled that state’s legislature could not take away tenure due process or tenure rights - California court said such laws in that state violate students’ fundamental rights to equality of education.
 June State Board meeting summary (6/13/2014) 
 2014 campaigns ready to start (6/9/2014) 
   Races are mostly set for the November 2014 legislative elections following the June 2 filing deadline for Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians.
 New statutes, regs on teacher licensure create concerns, uncertainties (5/20/2014) 
   The Kansas State Board of Education is working to address two initiatives to broaden opportunities to enter the teaching profession.
 No action on Common Core ban through Thursday afternoon (5/1/2014) 
   House & Senate negotiators have reached agreement on a state budget bill without a proposal to block implementation of Common Core academic standards.
 House approves Student Data Privacy conference committee report (5/1/2014) 
   The House approved the Conference Committee Report on SB 367, the Student Data Privacy Act, by a vote of 123-0 Wednesday.
 State revenues drop sharply in April (5/1/2014) 
   State officials say actual tax collections in April were nearly $93 million below estimates, a sharp contrast to the official revenue estimate just two weeks ago that predicted rising revenues compared to earlier estimates.
 What do higher state revenue estimates really mean? (4/18/2014) 
   A group of state budget & tax experts & university economists released the official consensus revenue estimates for the current budget year ending June 30, 2014 (FY14) & next year (FY 2015).
 Caution urged on district teacher due process action (4/14/2014) 
   Since the passage of HB 2506 last weekend, school leaders have been contacting KASB with questions about how their districts should respond to the provisions concerning teacher due process (tenure).
 State Board reviews Federal food guidelines and ‘non-nutritious’ bake sales (4/9/2014) 
   The board also spent time discussing a narrow part of the federal food guidelines, specifically the sale of non-nutritious food items during the school day for fundraisers.
 State assessments report by CETE to State Board (4/9/2014) 
   The board also received a report from the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation (CETE) covering just shy of half of the testing window.
 House and Senate bills move in different directions (4/4/2014) 
   House will debate bill that fully funds school finance equity aid and allows all districts to increase LOB with equalization.
 School finance bills ready for House and Senate debate (4/2/2014) 
   House Appropriations & Senate Ways and Means worked late into the evening Tuesday, completing plans to address the Gannon school finance decision.
 Virtual schools, not transportation aid, take a hit in new version of House bill (4/1/2014) 
   The House Appropriations Committee heard from opponents of HB 2774, the bill introduced in the House to address the Gannon decision .
 Senate takes action on KPERS bills (3/26/2014) 
   The Senate passed four KPERS bills on Tuesday.
 No debate on election bills scheduled; data privacy on House calendar (3/26/2014) 
   Neither the House nor Senate will debate bills changing school board and other local elections today
 No debate on school board elections scheduled today (3/25/2014) 
   Neither the House nor Senate has scheduled debate on bills making changes in school board and other local elections on “general orders” today.
 Waiting for school finance bill; committee meetings on hold (3/24/2014) 
   A new bill sponsored by House Republican leadership to address the Gannon school finance decision is expected to be introduced in the House at 5 p.m.
 House Pensions and Benefits passes on opportunity to move out a KPERS bill (3/20/2014) 
   After discussion, House Pensions and Benefits chose not to act on the issue of working after retirement, likely delaying any decision until next session.
 House Education Committee doesn’t work bills; discusses Common Core event (3/20/2014) 
   Rep. Kelley informed the committee of an event she was planning in April that would allow for a broad-based discussion of the Common Core
 Fiscal literacy bill passes House (3/20/2014) 
   HB 2475 instructs the KS State Board of Ed to improve standards for fiscal literacy-does not mandate a high school grad requirement.
 House Tax Committee creates sales tax holiday (3/20/2014) 
   House Tax voted out favorably HB 2607, which would create a sales tax holiday in Aug. for items generally associated with “back-to-school.”
 Committee approves House elections bill - again (3/18/2014) 
   House Elections voted Monday to recommend HB 2227, which would move school board and other local elections from April to Nov. of odd-numbered years.
 School bills scheduled for the debate today (3/18/2014) 
   The Kansas House is set to debate HB 2475 concerning student financial literacy education.
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