Whole Board Training

Whole Board Training is one of the most effective board development options available. Whole Board Training is delivered on-site, customized to meet your district’s specific staff development and board training needs. Whole Board Training works with an individual board (or in some cases, a group of boards in a region) to discuss issues, provide information and establish policies and procedures designed to accomplish your mission.

KASB has a staff of experts available to travel to your district and work with your board. On-site training is advantageous to the district because more individuals from the district are able to participate! Time constraints and travel costs are significantly reduced when training is conducted in the district.

As you plan board training activities, look at what KASB can offer.  Areas of specialization districts have found to be most beneficial include research data, boardsmanship, legal issues, communications, insurance, advocacy, demographics, policy and planning.

Why participate?
  • On-site training enables more individuals to attend.
  • Several districts in an area may join together to save costs.
  • It reduces time constraints and travel time for board members.
  • Individualized instruction is customized to meet local needs.
  • Handout information is provided.
  • Follow-up activities are available upon request.
  • Practical suggestions and guidelines are offered to address local issues.

KASB Leadership Services
Whole Board Training

Learn more about KASB's Leadership Services Whole Board Training

A few topic ideas
  • Roles and responsibilities of the board and the superintendent
  • Teamwork
  • Key Work of School Boards
  • Long-Range Planning
  • Job descriptions for the board and superintendent
  • Board self-evaluations
  • Board/superintendent/district/community goal setting and strategic planning
  • Board-Superintendent relations
  • Effective Site Councils
  • Communications plans
  • Effective data use
  • Maximizing district resources in a time of diminished funding
  • Superintendent and Board evaluations
Contact KASB Leadership Development/Services staff at edservices [at] kasb [dot] org.  

KASB Legal Staff
Whole Board Training and Staff Development

Learn more about KASB's Legal/Policy Services Whole Board Training.

A few topic ideas
  • Activity programs
  • Advocacy issues
  • Copyright laws
  • Crisis planning
  • Demographics
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Free speech
  • District surveys
  • Legal rights and responsibilities
  • Policy issues
  • Property and liability insurance
  • School district population trends
  • School law
  • Sexual harassment
  • Special education
  • Student accident insurance
  • Student discipline
  • Workers compensation
For training, please contact legal [at] kasb [dot] org for more information or to schedule your training.