KASB Seminars and Workshops

KASB's seminars and webinars are designed to provide local board members and administrators with knowledge, skills and networking opportunities. Topics are reviewed each year along with participant evaluations, trending national topics and a review of best practices to insure that the content provided is useful and relevant.

Listed below is the current year schedule, subject to changes and modifications. Your district or organization must be a member of KASB to participate in any seminar.

You can register click on the specific on the "Events Calendar." 
Please note that registration for each seminar typically opens two months prior to each event. 

KASB Season Pass - a proven way to increase participation in KASB training and workshops and save money! ORDER YOURS BEFORE AUGUST 31 AND IT GOES AWAY FOR THE FISCAL YEAR.

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July 2016-June 2017

*Season Pass Eligible
  • *11.10.16 Basic Negotiations - Topeka [Registration OPEN]
  • *12.02.16 School Law Workshop - Pre-Conference Wichita [Registration OPEN]
  • 12.02.16 KSSA Day w/KASB - Pre-Conference Wichita (not included in season pass) [Registration OPEN]
  • *12.02.16 Meeting All Kids Needs - Pre-Conference Wichita [Registration OPEN]
  • *12.02.16 Kansans Can for Board Members - Pre-Conference (Wichita)
  • 12.02-4.16 KASB Convention and Delegate Assembly - Wichita (not included in season pass) [Registration OPEN]
  • *01.12-13.17 Governmental Relations Seminar - Topeka
  • *01.20.17 Practicum in Negotiations - Topeka
  • *02.23.17 Clerks/Treasurers - Topeka
  • *03.17.17 Human Resources Academy - Newton
  • *03.22.17 Human Resources Academy - Topeka
  • *04.11.17 Negotiations Workshop - Hays
  • *04.13.17 Negotiations Workshop - Topeka
  • *June 2017 School Law Roundup

2016 Annual Conference

*Season Pass Eligible
  • *12.02.16, Pre-Convention Workshop: Winter School Law, Wichita, Hyatt Regency Full Day
  • *12.02.16, Pre-Convention Workshop: Meeting All Kids’ Needs, Wichita, Full Day (tour-limited enrollment)
  • *12.02.16, Pre-Convention Workshop: Kansans Can for Board Members, Wichita, Full Day (tour-limited enrollment)
  • 12.02.16, Pre-Convention Workshop: KSSA Day with KASB, Wichita, Hyatt Regency, Full Day (not included in Season Pass)
  • 12.02-03-04.16, KASB 99th Annual Conference, Wichita, Hyatt Regency, Century II Bob Brown Expo Hall
  • 12.04.16, KASB Delegate Assembly, Wichita, Hyatt Regency


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