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Are the Schools of the Present the Schools of the Future?

What’s happening now in Kansas will change how we educate our children. The outcome of the 2014 General Election, the next Legislative Session - even recommendations from groups such as the K-12 Student Performance and Efficiency Commission - all have the potential to influence policies, regulations and school funding.

The courts and politicians have had their say. The Kansas Supreme Court, State Legislature, Governor and Kansas State Board of Education have all agreed the Rose Standards are the appropriate measure to use when determining adequate funding for Kansas public schools. This is now a part of our state’s constitutional test when deciding if the Legislature has made “suitable provisions for finance of the educational interests of the state.”

Locally elected boards of education, professional educators and communities should guide the future of public schools in Kansas, but they must become part of the conversation. How should we prepare our students for success after high school graduation? How will we measure progress and hold ourselves accountable for meeting the Rose Standards? What state policies need changed or added? What resources do we need, both now and in the future? 

Kansas public schools and their communities have new opportunities for collaboration, change and innovation, leading our students and our state to greater heights of achievement and future success. Become part of the discussions and join education and community leaders at one of the six KASB 2014 Fall Education Summits.
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